Live for Speed S2

So after playing Live for Speed S1 a lot with a bunch of guys from my forums, I bought Live for Speed S2. LFS is a kickass racing sim and while I usually stay away from sims ’cause I find arcade racing games more fun, I gotta admit, LFS is pretty damn fun.

Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea of the graphics: (click the image for more)

Live for Speed S2 Screenshot

As for the physics, they are some of the best racing physics in any game I’ve ever played. No joke.

If you haven’t checked it out, I really suggest you do. You can get the demo right here.

6 thoughts on “Live for Speed S2

  1. It’s the best racing game I’ve ever played. Fantastic!

    FYI: I don’t use a wheel. I use a X-Box style joypad – it does the job fairly well – it’s great fun and I win many races!

  2. 13474072 is my s2 account and driver name is ” Flano’s” .. look out for me .. I’ll rape anyone using mouse with my superior mouse powerz! mauahaha .. lol

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