9 thoughts on “WTF, Adam Corolla is done with Loveline

  1. I did not know Adam Corolla was leaving Loveline. I am deeply disappointed. I have been wading through his replacements; a number of whom I would like to have spontaneously combusted. Although I don’t always agree with him about what constitutes a “fool” – Adam does not “suffer fools gladly” and he is very quick witted in response to stupidity. I also enjoyed what seemed to be the good friendship between Adam and Dr.Drew. ( a passionate, passionate man ). It seems almost traitorous that Dr. Drew does not even mention his long time co-host.

    I used to look forward to having to drive between the hours of 10:00 pm and midnight pacific time here in Los Angeles so I could get my fix of Adam Corolla on Loveline. I really feel ripped off. I miss Adam on Loveline and it sucks that the event of his leaving was not treated as it should have been; as the end of an era for a lot of listeners. It deserved (and deserves!) far more acknowledgement than it has received.

  2. Adam was the main reason I listened to LoveLine. At first I thought he was a geekotistical assclown but over the years have grown to appreciate him as the indisputable king of improv. His rants on anything and everything from traffic (“just get your asses moving!”) to politics (“…we’re gonna send a message to the fat cats up in Washington…”) were ingenius! Does anybody know if he’s still doing radio anywhere?

  3. Yeah, he replaced Howard Stern in the mornings on a half dozen radio stations on the west coast. Read my original blog post — it says it right there. 😉

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