2 thoughts on “Woo, I Submitted My First WordPress Bug Fix!!

  1. I know the feeling – but you did this some time ago, so maybe you can help me then..

    It seems that Owen’s guide is gone. I did my first bugfix last week and is equally proud, but I am kind of lost when it omes to the correct Trac procedure. Tried to read about the process at the WordPress codex, and did the following:

    1. Reported the bug
    2. Assigned it to myself
    3. Made a diff file with the fix I had
    4. Attached it and marked the ticket closed

    That was obviously a mistake, because somebody reopened the ticket again and told me I should not do like that.

    Now, it has been almost a week and I can see no changes to the ticket – is that normal, or is there something I should do to make sure somebody will notice it and have a look at the code and eventually include it in the trunk?

    The ticket is here: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/9153

    Kind regards
    Torben Brams

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