2% of Gamers are Hermaphrodite

Haha, this is great:

It’s official: two per cent of gamers are neither male nor female, leading us to believe that this small yet significant section of the gaming demographic is either hermaphrodite, represents a species further down the evolutionary pyramid or is perhaps of silicon-based extraterrestrial origin.

That’s according to the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) 2005 report into the state of the industry – enticingly entitled “ESA’S 2005 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry” – which is available right here (PDF):

Those esa stats in full

That’s right – page five blows the lid on the astounding truth. We look forward to more ESA revelations in the future, including the earth-shattering insight that 37 per cent of analysts cannot operate an electronic calculator, 41 per cent cannot successfully proofread a document and the remaining 24 per cent are concealing the chilling truth that the lower mammalian orders have developed a penchant for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Fascinating stuff.


Thanks to reader Matt for giving it 110 per cent in finding this statistical gem.

Source: http://www.theregister.com/2005/10/17/gaming_shocker/

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  1. lol, ya, the girl:boy ratio seems way too high, but then again, this is probably gaming in general and not just online gaming and games like The Sims probably add a lotta girl players to the count.

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