11 thoughts on “10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.3

  1. sorry, it was the merlot or the carbohydrates in the chicken talking, maybe both!
    or maybe the Thytrophin can also bee the blame.

  2. I wish they hadn’t made such radical changes in the database for 2.3. They renamed three tables, which broke a lot of plugins I was using and forced me to use the native WP tagging, even though I was quite content with another tagging plugin. It’s a decent upgrade, yes, but it caused me a lot of grief at first. I still haven’t been able to satisfactorily integrate the WP tags into my theme (Ultimate Tag Warrior worked perfectly with the theme).

  3. I’m in the process of scoping out the changes needed for the new v2.3 tagging system for a couple of my sites. I was also fairly content with UTW. oh well, the winds of change I guess.

    Any news on what/when on updates for your plugin(s) compatibility with v2.3? more specifically, video quicktags?

    I like the plugins, keep it up!!!

  4. I actually installed it (late) last night, and ran out of energy to post a follow up comment. Thanks for the quick response on your end! But it appears to work like a charm!!! Kudos for staying out of the firing line for WPs big update. 🙂

    Hey, any chance of adding dailymotion.com (killer technology and huge in europe) or break.com?

  5. well, I assumed the current version wouldn’t work. Just putting the idea forth for any possible future releases. At least dailymotion has a unique identifier in the url.

    anyway. enjoy using your plug in. keep it up!!! 🙂

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