I Hate iTunes

I officially hate iTunes and that I am forced to use it to manage my iPod Touch. Okay, so I can tick the manual box and just drag and drop any songs I want to be on it, but the fact that it refuses to fetch album artwork for all my CDs drives me nuts. A huge part of the thing is displaying the album artwork (you can fly through it, it displays while playing, etc.). Worst of all, even if Winamp has already snagged the album artwork and saved it as a JPEG in the album’s folder, iTunes won’t notice it and I’d have to manually add it to my bazillion albums. Why oh why…

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  1. Hey Viperbond, i am a great fan of top gear and final gear, so thanks for finalgear.com and ive also used a few of your plugins for my wordpress blog, so i thought i could help you out here, theres two ways you could do this, embed the album art inside the mp3 if you can do that with winamp, or the easy way from itunes, is to have the album and artist id3 tags properly filled out, and make a itunes account (you will have to put in your credit card number, even though its free to get the album art) thats about it. works for me email me if you need help

  2. A good program for adding album art (and only for that use) into the tag is to use MediaMonkey.. saved me alot of time.

  3. I hate iTunes too…
    Bigger piece of crap software you have to look for. I have over 1200 albums ripped to MP3. Neatly structured in folders with a naming standard for the mp3 file names.

    So I got an iPOD. Had to install iTunes. Now this freaking software goes through my music collection and:
    a) change the folder names
    b) change the filname of my mp3 files
    my whole music filing system is now in disarray…

    On top of that…and this is precious… To get album art I have to sign up for the iTunes store!!! Why? any other media player downloads album art, but noooo, I need to give them credit card details to get album art.

    On top of that the actual iTunes user interface is horrible.

    I will NEVER buy an Apple product again. EVER. I rather slit my wrists than buy an Apple product.

  4. I don’t mind the I-tunes store but it annoys me that some artists don’t have a full discography avaliable. Certain boxed sets are not avalaible for example. Also it would be great to have more insentives for using i-tunes such as more exclusive bonus tracks, releases and live show recordings.

  5. I’m a computer programmer and I hate it too.

    1. It doesn’t work well.
    2. It does all kinds of secret stuff on your machine.
    3. It breaks other software (audio device driver).
    4. Music you buy off their store can’t be played on other devices cos of their DRM thing.

  6. Add me to the list of iTunes haters out there. I’ve got (rather “had”) iTunes installed on an external hard drive – lot’s of volume for my “lots of stuff”. every other week it would tell me that it had been improperly installed and I had to reinstall to retrieve artwork. I’d reinstall and it would not recognise the 80+Gb of music etc. that I had in my iTunes Library. I’d add the tunes again – a painful and drawn out exercise. It would then have two versions of everything in the library – both consuming memory but only one accessible. After several repeat performances of this I had 4 copies of every tune . . only one was apparently accessible. Now for some mysterious reason, my iTunes program is simply gone (luckily I kept my actual library outside of iTunes so at least I have the music in moronic AAC format). Now when I try to reinstall iTunes it tells me “invalid F: drive” there is no F drive so I don’t even know what the hell this piece of shit is trying to tell me . . . .have you ever tried to get on-line help from Apple? Unless you’ve thrown money at them in the past few days they do their level best to keep you at bay. . . . so here I am, with a lovely iPod classic and with no way to add or delete anything from it . . . my last Apple purchase for sure.

  7. I absolutely despise iTunes. It is the most unhelpful, non-user friendly and hopelessly appalingly designed application I have ever used. Oh, I work as a Senior IT Engineer for a living and have to fix IT issues all the time and iTunes is one application I HATE having to sort out/setup. Adding content is unforgivably slow… Syncing is very badly designed. Setting up Itunes they way a user wants it is impossible ue to the way Apple want the user to use it. Aweful, aweful, aweful piece of software (being polite). I absolutely love my iTouch for it’s capabilities and user-interface but having to use iTunes is very nearly making me want to give the iTouch up. I was using a Windows Mobile device before this iTouch and using Activesync/Windows Mobile Centre was a breeze and sooo friendly and simplistic to transfer music/photos/films. Please oh please Apple – pull it together and get the Bullsh** iTunes application either completely overhauled or replaced. If this doesn’t happen soon – this iTouch may be my only ever Apple product that I own.

  8. I hate iTunes. I wish there were some way to add new videos or music without the need to delete everything on my iphone every time i want to sync from a new computer.

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