New Theme (Work In Progress)

For those of you who have visited my blog before, you may notice that my blog is rocking a new theme. Yes, after over 4 years I’m finally ditching my very hacked up version of the “Neat!” theme for something a bit more modern. It’s called Mystique and it was made by digitalnature.

I’m still making minor tweaks to the theme, so bear with me while I make the transition and feel free to report any issues in the comments for this post. 🙂

27 thoughts on “New Theme (Work In Progress)

  1. Found a feature bug! When on the home page, and you hover over one of the page icon things, the dropdown is obscured by the (frankly awesome) Ken Block video.

  2. Hi! Do you still have the intallation files for the Neat! theme? Couldn’t find them anywhere on the web. Thanks…

  3. I just set up my first blog and I was fortunate to find this theme. It is awesome. I found your site while trying to find out how to add a breadcrumb to the theme.
    I see you have managed to get some of the other apps I need to get running on my blog.

    Way to go!

    PS – This theme, Mystique, can be downloaded at

  4. Hi, I also use the theme Mystique, but in home page, for the post shows only one category… in your post I see all categories. How can I do to get the same result?

    Thanks in advance and compliments for ur blog, it’s very useful!

    Regards 🙂

  5. Hi, I am also using Mystique and love it. I do not know code very well and really like the css editor section. With the new revs though the clicker changers are gone and you have to look at the css to change things. I hope the features are put back shortly.

    As to the keeping the newest posts and different categories etc on the Home page, I use Sticky Post for that. There is also the feature page and that stuff. Lots of this is in the post and page area when you edit them.

    I am having a problem with the Admin bar in these newer versions of Mystique. On the Dashboard everything is fine. In the site the bar moves down to just above the start of the page between the navbar.

    I can of course bear with this but it covers some of the posts. I don’t really know if it is Mystique or Viper007Bond problem. I think it is Mystique since it was working fine till the last three or so revisions.

    How is it working on this site here? I am surprised that I came over to make a note about this and find Mystique here. I have used it for some time, about a year so I do really like it. I will send a copy of this on over to digitalnature also.

    Thanks for the Admin Bar, it is really useful for me since I am changing and experimenting all the time.


    • A change in Mystique caused it, but it’s no one’s fault really (if anything, my plugin should probably make a stronger effort to overwrite the theme’s CSS and break out to where it should be). It’s hard to make it work with all themes and their CSS though.

      Anyway, edit the theme’s footer.php file and move <?php wp_footer(); ?> to right before </body>. That should work around the CSS issue causing it.

  6. hi,

    i have installed this template in my blog (link is my name of this comment). but i cant find a way to add “About widget like u did and also category in ajax widged (with comment, fav, tag etc..)

    i would be really happy if u guide me to how to do it…

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