Why Can’t Apple Make A Decent Windows Program?

Comon Apple, I get that Windows is a competing platform and you’d rather spend your time working on your own stuff, but if you’re going to force me to use iTunes with my iPhone, at least make iTunes not suck. I’ve ranted about iTunes before and while iTunes 10 seems more stable and less laggy so far, it’s still far from perfect.

I mean they can’t even manage to get the little things right. For example, their new logo has horrible transparency:

A simple thing to fix (look at all of the other icons there doing it just fine), but no, Apple had to not bother.

7 thoughts on “Why Can’t Apple Make A Decent Windows Program?

  1. Now that is rather pathetic, and from a company obsessed about design nonetheless. I’m sure there’s a hidden goal to convince Windows users that they need a Mac for a better user experience, but mistakes like this are quite counter-productive.

  2. Well, this is the same company that chose to only support OS X and iOS for the live stream of the keynote, so it doesn’t surprise me very much. Providing limited or no support for alternate OS choices is well within their rights, but it does seem foolish in a time when cross-platform support is so expected.

  3. Even worse: I’m sight impaired and I own an iPhone because it’s the most accessible phone available (not perfect at all, but not that bad) and I MUST use iTunes on Windows as Mac OSX is NOT accessible to low vision, whatever Apple says about it and…. iTunes is NOT accessible :/

    I have to read white text on black background. Windows does a really decent job with the “high contrast” themes but iTunes just won’t be themed by the OS as Apple uses its own GUI (like Adobe does) :/

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