Hospital, Day 34

34 days and I’m still in the hospital. It’s boring, but necessary for my treatment unfortunately. Lots of bad days, especially this past week, but some aren’t quite as bad as the rest.

Today I had a crazy procedure where they got a biopsy of my liver by going through my jugular vein so that in case I bled (I bleed easily due to low platelet count), it was into my bloodstream and not into my body. It was all painless of course due to local numbing agents, but still very weird.

Tomorrow I get yet more chemotherapy drugs which will probably make me feel like crap but it is what it is.

7 thoughts on “Hospital, Day 34

  1. Hi Alex,

    I’m the Lady that does your Mom’s Hair and almost passed out checking out that SWEET BLUE VIPER of yours. (In the Salon author Rouge Parking Lot) A few Summers ago but anyways!!

    I’m SO impressed with your attitude throughout all this. I’m sure you get totally fed up, but your writing really shows such a great example of your true strength!

    Thanks for your blogging. I’ll be keeping up with your journey and keep you in my prayers!

    One Day at a Time!! ???

  2. Hi, I hope you’re doing well.

    I just came across this post, while I was looking for your Video Quicktags migration plugin. I’m sorry you’re at the hospital right now. But you’re young, and I’m sure you’ll make it.

    Don’t give up writing, you’re encouraging us with such attitude.

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