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WordPress Checker

Source code:

var is_wordpress = "This site does NOT seem to be powered by WordPress.";
	if ( -1 != $(this).attr("href").indexOf("wp-content") ) {
		is_wordpress = "This site IS powered by WordPress. Woo hoo!";
		return true;
alert( is_wordpress );

Combined with the jQuery bookmarklet boilerplate which auto-loads jQuery if the site in question hasn’t loaded it already. Yes I’m lazy and used jQuery. Sue me. 😛

4 thoughts on “WordPress Checker Bookmarklet

    • I thought about that but some people use plugins that hide/change that thinking security through obscurity is a good thing. I think my method is more reliable as it’s very rare to come across a site that doesn’t make use of their style.css or some other CSS file located in their wp-content folder.

  1. The only problem with the wp-content method is that users can, and sometimes do, change their wp-content directory. So it’s dependent on them having a default installation (which is usually the case).

    The meta/generator works, but as you pointed out sometimes plugins disable it, and if a theme is missing wp_head(), then it also wouldn’t work (also the site would probably be pretty broken at that point).

    But it’s a fun little exercise! I’ve often viewed source on a site to see if they were running WordPress, so your little bookmarklet is a cool idea.

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