Clean Archives Reloaded

What Exactly Does This Plugin Do?

It creates a pretty list of all of the posts that you’ve made to your blog. To see an example, check out my archives page. Note that the image located there that shows the post times of recent posts is generated by a seperate plugin.


Support / Feature Request Forum:

Credits / History:

This plugin is based on a concept (it no longer shares any common code) by Sebastian Schmieg for the archive page of his “Blix” theme. His code was later converted to a plugin by Shawn Grimes.

The drawback of both of those versions though was the sheer number of queries required (around 1 per month + 2 per post — it added up quick). So, I decided to make my own version which cached the output so that it was only regenerated when needed and otherwise just pulled with 1 query from the database. I was also given the idea by Chris O’Rourke to use Javascript to make the months collapsible as many people’s archives pages were getting rather long.

All of that was then replaced by the current version which uses WordPress functions and internal WordPress caching techniques to make only one query per page period.

780 thoughts on “Clean Archives Reloaded

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  2. Hi, I’m new to self-hosting and totally clueless on script. I’ve got about 320 posts that need archiving, but I’m not sure how to put all of this onto a page? I’d ideally like to have a separate page all together for this information from the beginning (summer 2007) until the end. How can I do this without messing up my site?


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  9. Sorry my typo in last comment.
    I should be tell. this plugin works very well on WordPress 3.5.1.
    Once again thank you … is great plugin :))

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  11. I love this plugin, Alex! The only thing I wish I could add would be the post excerpt (if any) after the comments. Is there a way to do that?

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  13. Hey Alex,

    I know that your plugin hasn’t been undated since 2010 so would you say that there are any security risks we should be concerned about? So many people are nervous about being hacked through plugins that aren’t being updated so I just wanted to get your views on this. I love your plugin and have been using it for about two years now.

    Thank you for your response and for creating such a cool plugin.


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  25. Hi Alex,

    It’s been 7 years I have been using the plugin and don’t intend on losing out this one. Can you please confirm it is safe and not resource-heavy to use on current WordPress versions?


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