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  3. Whatever you did to resolve latest issues with your plugin, my log is showing that images are missing, for example 333333_7x7_arrow_right.gif, is not in the folder vipers-video-quicktags/resources/images/ .

  4. Hi Alex,

    One issue with this that I cannot work out is that when activated it stops the WordPress core video player from working. Is that something you are aware of and have seen?

    Also if I had a site with say 100 video embeds from Vipers Video Quicktags for youtube but they are not all the basic [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS7D7XCSt8M[/youtube] style shortcode but some have specific heights and widths is there any way to perform a search and replace so I can replace both

    [youtube] with [video src=” and [/youtube] with ]


    also apply the same as the above for all the various [youtube width="560" height="315"] [youtube width="480" height="215"] and so on?

    I was wondering if there was a search and replace method that in English says “Find every instance of [youtube and remove it all the way up until the next closing ] with [video src=” ?


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  10. Thanks alex for this plugin but i wanted to ask if the plugin have features where a downloadable video link can be generated from an external video website.. eg i don’t want to upload videos on my entertainment, music and movie site http://clickafrican.com but want to upload this video on http://www.xyzvideohosting.com website then generate a downloadable link from http://www.xyzvideohosting.com to http://clickafrican.com for users to download. Can this plugin do such, if yes please how. But if no kindly advice on how to go about this challenge.. I really would appreciate your reply soon. Thanks a million Viper.

  11. Can we set it that it plays only in single.php page. While normally it shows only thumb of the video in listing page?

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  16. I have a small problem while embedding youtube video. The video height is too small on posts. I set it to 480x360px and the width is correct, but height is like 150px or something. I checked/unchecked “keep aspect ratio” option and the problem is still there. Oh and this plugin is simple and works great.

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  18. Hello, I just updated to 6.5.2. I developed a simple website for my newborn son to stream his videos. They are all on YouTube and was working perfectly. Now with this update when you click on the video it takes you over to YouTube and plays the video. Before the update you could play the video directly on the site. Any suggestions? http://www.lmf.ninja

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