YOURLS: Short URL Widget


Creates a fully configurable widget that outputs the short URL to the current post or page. Requires the YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter plugin.

A demo can be found to the right (the text can be customized).


42 thoughts on “YOURLS: Short URL Widget

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  4. Hi,

    thanks for your great Plugin!

    How can i add [title] to the source-code ? So i can implement the title of the actual page with [title] like [url] ?

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  6. I really like this plug-in, but the continuous message “Please configure YOURLS – WordPress to Twitter settings now” is a little annoying if someone isn’t wanting to use the Twitter feature of it. I just upgraded to the newest version and that suddenly appeared/persists. I know how to disable it, but i figured I’d mention it to ya and suggest making it an optional feature instead of a required one.

    Thanks again man!

  7. hi alex,

    I am having a problem with wordpress URLs…. In category page urls “category” keyword is coming…. There are some plugins to remove that keyword but after using those plugins my child category pages are redirecting to 404 error page….. If u know any remedy for this please let me know….

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  9. Is there a simple way to get this to work on a non wordpress website?

    I want people to be able to publicly use my shortner but can’t see a way of doing it other than by using the wordpress plugin?

  10. Great plugin, well done Alex.

    I’m wondering how easy it would be to call a function in your code to display the short url within single.php i.e. within the main content body rather than as a sidebar widget?

    Any advice appreciated!


  11. Thanks Alex, that function didn’t work for me, but a variation of it works perfectly:

    $short = apply_filters( 'ozh_yourls_shorturl', wp_ozh_yourls_geturl( $id ) );
    echo "$short\n";
  12. I changed the database that I use for YOURls, but now this widget seems to have cached the old database URLs somewhere (as they are not in the YOURls admin list) and I can not find them.

    Any ideas ?

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  15. Thanks for this great plugin! Is there anyway to integrate the short-url into the ‘Tweet’ button? Example, when a user clicks the button, the short-url is populated in the text area, instead of the page’s long url.

  16. Does this plugin also work with bbPress 2.0 forum topics (since bbPress moved from a standalone piece to a plugin for WordPress since version 2.0)? I’d ask about Yourls to Twitter, but that’s not your plugin as you’ve said, so I figure that, if this works with bbPress 2.0, so will Ozh’s plugin, since that plugin is a prerequisite to using yours.

    • My plugin merely exposes the short URLs that Ozh’s plugin fetches, assigns, and stores. In short, you’ll want to talk to Ozh to confirm that his plugin is having short URLs generated for forum topics.

      My plugin may also need massaging though as it will only display the widget if is_singular() returns true (i.e. you’re viewing a single post or page) which I doubt it does for forum threads, but I’m not familiar enough with bbPress to be sure.

      In short, you’ll need to fiddle with stuff.

      • Cheers Alex, but there’s actually no need to fiddle with anything.

        I had a look through the Options panel of Ozh’s plugin and, lo and behold, found options to create short URLs for forums, topics and replies, as well as media and posts. Yet another lesson in searching before asking for the answer :$

        Also, using Keith’s code (for some reason, the code you gave didn’t do anything), I’ve been able to call URLs for each topic and forum from in my template as normal. Since bbPress 2.0 sits in your standard WordPress template and uses the standard WordPress theme files, I assume that the widget will work. Since my theme is completely static, I can’t guarantee that, but I’d be willing to bet money they will stay, even when browsing the forums.

        This is going to make my custom share links absolutely fantastic. Thanks!!!

  17. Hi Alex,
    Your widget displays an automatic generated short url. And then sometime I change the short url to another url. But your widget seems display the old short url.

  18. Hi Alex,
    Could you please give me a way out to do mass (bulk) short url creation using yourls. Thanks in advance.


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