Regenerate Thumbnails

Plugin Description:

Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to regenerate all thumbnail sizes for one or more images that have been uploaded to your Media Library.

This is useful for situations such as:

  • A new thumbnail size has been added and you want past uploads to have a thumbnail in that size.
  • You’ve changed the dimensions of an existing thumbnail size, for example via Settings ? Media.
  • You’ve switched to a new WordPress theme that uses featured images of a different size.



823 thoughts on “Regenerate Thumbnails

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  4. Hi
    the generated thumbnails have a bigger filesize than the originals – sometimes twice as much.
    Is there a way to fix this? Settings? functions.php?
    regards axel

  5. Is there a way to set the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to crop the images from the top? For example, I have many rectangular images (both portrait and landscape) and I set the thumbnails to be square. And the thumbnails are cropping the image from the center. I would prefer they be cropped from the top.

  6. Please help me

    I was create a project to add custom topics as a wordpress posts with one image as a featured image for this post but when I open the category of this post I can’t see the thumbnail of the post , so I need to add the thumbnail info in postmeta table with “_wp_attachment_metadata” in meta_key but not from wordpress functions I need to add it from external php file without plugins to make it make automatic
    So Can you help me Pleeeeeeeeease ?

    • OR how I make som change in your plugin to auto Regenerate Thumbnails for anew posts published or with any condition you want to detect my new posts coming from php project not from “add post form” in wordpress dashboard ?

  7. Hi,
    I have a woocommerce site with 3247 image files.
    I am needing to run your plugin, but I see that you state that the old files are not removed.
    This will give me 6494 image files.
    As you can imagine, going through these files to delete the old ones will be a major task.
    Can you advise as to how to do this correctly from within your plugin ?
    Best regards

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  9. Hi Viper, thank you very much for this great plug-in. I have about 12 sites with the same host that generate the same problem (all of them). I always have problems uploading photos (HTTP error), Thumbnails rarely generate and when I use your pjugin it throws this error always:

    function (){return f&&(c&&!b&&(h=f.length-1,g.push(c)),function d(b){n.each(b,function(b,c){n.isFunction(c)?a.unique&&j.has(c)||f.push(c):c&&c.length&&”string”!==n.type(c)&&d(c)})}(arguments),c&&!b&&i()),this}

    Here are my details:

    WP Version: [?] 4.5.3
    WP Multisite: [?] –
    WP Memory Limit: [?] 256 MB
    Language: [?] en_US
    Server Environment
    Server Environment
    Server Info: [?] Apache
    PHP Version: [?] 5.5.35
    PHP Post Max Size: [?] 64 MB
    PHP Time Limit: [?] 30
    PHP Max Input Vars: [?] 1000
    SUHOSIN Installed: [?] –
    ZipArchive: [?] ?
    MySQL Version: [?] 5.6.29
    Max Upload Size: [?] 64 MB
    DOMDocument: [?] ?
    WP Remote Get: [?] ?
    WP Remote Post: [?] ?
    GD Library: [?] bundled (2.1.0 compatible)

    • This is a super frustrating bug that refuses to die, and it’s one of the reasons I started rewriting the plugin from a clean slate.

      The cause of this is usually an improper AJAX response, which is supposed to if the resize was successful, how long it took, etc.

      If you know how, you can look at the responses in your browser. It’s supposed to be plain JSON but I bet there’s whitespace or a PHP warning/error before the JSON. This causes jQuery to incorrectly parse the response and then output all of that garbage. 🙁

      I hope by rewriting all of that from scratch, I can finally resolve the issue. Previous attempts (there have been many) at fixing that have failed.

      • Hi Alex,

        How are you on developing/updating this plugin for the masses? Since this plugin is the only one I use on 40+ sites to regenerate thumbnails it’s kinda irritating to see it stopped working a couple of months ago.

        On all my sites it’s outputting this crap:

        function (){return f&&(c&&!b&&(h=f.length-1,g.push(c)),function d(b){n.each(b,function(b,c){n.isFunction(c)?a.unique&&j.has(c)||f.push(c):c&&c.length&&”string”!==n.type(c)&&d(c)})}(arguments),c&&!b&&i()),this}

        Can’t you give a temp fix for the problem?

      • I’m also getting this error, I notice your plugin hasn’t been updated – is there a new version or any other fix for this? I’m actually getting this error using a different plugin for importing CSVs, but it always throws this error after regenerating around the first 120 or so thumbnails. Any ideas Alex?

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  14. Hey there! The regeneration process gets hung up at the same spot every time I run it. I deleted the picture it was hanging on in case it was corrupted or something, and it did not fix the problem. Any tips?

  15. I’m not sure this plugin is working with the latest version of WordPress. I have used it before and it was awesome, but now it doesn’t allow for the regenerating link on any image.

  16. Hi, I am using Regenerate Thumbnails plugin but it gives following error

    function (){return f&&(c&&!b&&(h=f.length-1,g.push(c)),function d(b){n.each(b,function(b,c){n.isFunction(c)?a.unique&&j.has(c)||f.push(c):c&&c.length&&”string”!==n.type(c)&&d(c)})}(arguments),c&&!b&&i()),this}

    • Sorry about this. It’s a known issue unfortunately, one that refuses to die. I’ve tried countless things to try to stop it from happening without luck.

      It appears to be caused by jQuery getting back a response from the plugin in a format that it doesn’t expect. If you know how, you can use your browser’s developer tools to inspect the AJAX response and see what’s going on. It should be properly formatted JSON but is most likely containing some type of PHP or server error message before hand which is causing jQuery to break.

      One of my goals is to recode is plugin from the ground up and to do the resizing interface in a completely different way which shouldn’t be quite so fragile.

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  18. Hi Alex

    i get the following messages:

    “IMG_3252” (ID 1916) was successfully resized in 1.721 seconds.
    “bild-durch-klick-vergrößerbar_613” (ID 1794) failed to resize. The error message was: The originally uploaded image file cannot be found at
    “12508688_468018890058788_1155755050122906105_n” (ID 1791) failed to resize. The error message was: The originally uploaded image file cannot be found at
    “IMG_3237” (ID 1779) failed to resize. The error message was: The originally uploaded image file cannot be found at

    for more than 3/4 of my images.

    all of the images are on the server in the right places. they are not shown in the media library, but when i coy the url i can view the image,i.e.ößerbar_613.jpg

    whats that?

  19. Hi, I’ve got a problem. I’ve done a reckless thing and don’t know how to rewind it. My goal was to regenerate a couple of thumbnails, but I restored all of them instead (I know, stupid!). What happend was that my theme (Storefront) has changed and my homepage looks different now. I can’t upload the featured image (because it’s not square, I suppose), but also the way categories display is weird. There are also some strings and links that weren’t there before, such as: “No more products to view in this category” or “see more…”. Please, please, please help me.

  20. Hi, I have a question. When I use the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails, will it remove all the images from Google search and the images have to be recrawled again?

  21. I’m running the Flatsome theme and I’m having trouble using the regenerating thumbnails plugin. I’ve adjusted the sizes under Woocommerce>Settings>Product>Display & I’ve adjusted the sizes in Settings>Media but when I regenerate either single or multiple thumbnails in my Media it is non responsive. None of my images get resized. The results come back successful stating that all images have been resized but when I go back and check all the image sizes in Media none of the images have changed. I also went on Chrome and inspected the image’s size but none of the sizes changed. I want to change the image size so that when I zoom in on my Woocommerce single products page, it wont’ look so blurry. Additionally, I tried to use another plugin, Force Regenerate, and still nothing. I receive successfuly resized confirmatiion but when I validate my images, all the sizes remain the same as the original picture which was uploaded via Woozone, an Amazon Affiliate plugin. Could you please help me!

    • Sounds like you might not have the required image manipulation libraries installed on your server, meaning WordPress is unable to create thumbnails. I’d try logging into your site via FTP and finding one of your uploaded images in the /wp-content/uploads/2017/... folder. It'll be like yourimage.jpg. If thumbnails are being properly generated by WordPress during the initial upload process (my plugin just reruns this process), then you’ll also have some files like yourimage-150x150.jpg that are the thumbnails.

      If you only have the original images and not a bunch of copies with dimensions in the filename, then you should contact your webhost and make sure that either the GD or ImageMagick extensions are installed.

  22. Hi alex in your new plugin get timeout error

    This is the console message

    Regenerate Thumbnails: Error while trying to regenerate attachment ID 100
    error Gateway Time-out

    console error is :

    TypeError: e.responseJSON is undefined


  23. Hi,

    I have my original images of size 2000*2000 pixels. I want them to be square when regenerated. I don’t want them to be cropped. How can I set and force regenerate thumbnails to use sizes configured in media settings? It was doing so in previous version but it doesn’t with the current version.

  24. Hello Viper,
    Something went wrong yesterday when I tried to regenerate a bulk of images at
    I kept “Update the content of posts to use the new sizes.” option checked and all the hyperlinks to media library images changed and now point to incorrect images. Unfortunately I did not backed up the site prior to this action. Is there any way to fix this?
    Thank you in advance,

  25. Hi, the plugin has been timing out for the past few days and not resizing. It has the images stretched as well on a lot of my client’s and my own Genesis sites. I have uninstalled it and cleaned the files and reinstalled it and the same issues keep occurring. It stays stuck on 9% with images blown out. Can you please advise? Thank you!

  26. I just installed regenerate thumnail plugin for my wordpress site.
    After one minute two images came up on the Regeneration Log. Then, it stopped to work although it’s not finished, just not moving.
    Is there anything I can do to get all images regenerated?

  27. Hello Mr. Alex Mills. I installed your plugin on my site – Working perfectly. Really love it. Many thanks for your great contribution.

  28. Hi, i think this plugin may have a bug whenever an svg file has been uploaded. It tries without end to regenerate thumbnails for it.

  29. Hi, Alex. I’m using your plugin for 5 month. Evething was great! But since today it doesn’t work and shows me a mistake: This tool won’t be able to do anything because your server doesn’t support image editing which means that WordPress can’t create thumbnail images. Please ask your host to install the Imagick or GD PHP extensions.

    But imagick is installed on the server. And i tried to switch to the GD PHP and it also doesn’t work.;(

    Thanks in advanse for your answer!

  30. Thanks, Alex for your advise! I installed Health Check plugin, it shown that Imagick and GD PHP didn’t work really. Then i wrote my Host Support, they fixed the bug (they added one more time my account to CageFS). So now your plugin works great as always!

  31. I couldn’t regenerate any thumbnails. Got error that could not access REST API.
    I found the problem to be with my “WP Cerber Security & Antispam” settings.
    Changed one setting in the ‘Hardening’ section: ‘Allow REST API for logged in users’ to enable me for access.
    Now this plugin works great.
    Thanks Alex.

  32. I’m not getting any watermarks to show on recent images (old ones are ok) I’ve gone through the recommended procedures by turning off the watermark and regenerating and turn on and regenerate. Nothing is working. What to do?

  33. Hi Alex

    The plugin is extreeeemly slow. It takes 11 minutes for 1%. i am not running anything in the background. how do i make it go faster?

    Also what is skipped attachment and is it skipping?

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  35. Thanks for the plugin.. Works exactly how I want until I can fix the http error from WP.
    One thing though. I am logged in as administrator and am able to use the plugin perfectly well.
    But the ones logged in as shop managers are unable to. Is there a fix for this?

  36. how do i change the thumbnail size settings that are currently registered?

    thumbnail: 150×150 pixels (cropped to fit)
    medium: 300×300 pixels (proportionally resized to fit inside dimensions)
    medium_large: 768×0 pixels (proportionally resized to fit inside dimensions)
    large: 1024×1024 pixels (proportionally resized to fit inside dimensions)
    wysija-newsletters-max: 600×9999 pixels (cropped to fit)
    minimalo_fullwidth: 659×371 pixels (proportionally resized to fit inside dimensions)
    minimalo_thumbnail: 750×480 pixels (cropped to fit)
    minimalo_thumbnail_small: 96×64 pixels (cropped to fit)
    minimalo_square: 480×480 pixels (cropped to fit)
    minimalo_square_small: 150×150 pixels (cropped to fit)

    i wanted to change my themes thumbnail size setting.

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  38. Hi, I am really frustrated becuase I keep trying to regenerate my thumbnails on my blog after switching themes. It will reach all the way to the end of the bar and my tab of that page will say 100% but the progress bar says like .1 or .4 seconds until done and then stays there. I can only individually regenerate if I go to each picture in media. Even if I do a couple, the “done” button never pops up.

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  40. Hi? Do I need to keep clicking on “Regenerate Thumbnail” in the set featured image area each time I make a post? Secondly, if I don’t need to keep doing the above, can I uninstall the plugin after use or it must remain installed?

    • Thumbnails are automatically created on image upload. You only need to regenerate them if you change thumbnail sizes in your theme or settings. You can disable/remove the plugin at will — it doesn’t do anything behind the scenes.

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