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Hi there. May I suggest using Jetpack’s Photon module instead of this plugin? Photon will use’s servers to generate thumbnail images for you on-demand in whatever size is needed. This means that you don’t need to use my plugin to generate new thumbnail images when you switch themes, change thumbnail sizes, or anything else!

Don’t want to use Jetpack? That’s okay too. My plugin still works just fine.

Plugin Description:

Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to regenerate the thumbnails for all of your image attachments. This is very handy if you’ve changed any of your thumbnail dimensions (via Settings → Media) or switched to a new theme with different featured image sizes after previously uploading images.



771 thoughts on “Regenerate Thumbnails

  1. Great plugin, saved me a heck load of time with my thumbnails.

    Searched the forum on how to resume thumbnail regeneration for whatever reason (server timeout, connection stuffed up etc) but found nothing that involves minimal coding.

    So here’s an easy fix – but you have only one shot. The plugin is designed to regenerate thumbnails following product ID in descending order. Meaning that if you have 10000 products, the plugin starts at product #10000, then #9999, #9998 and so on.

    If it cuts off at #5000 and you just want to regen thumbnails for #4999 to #1, edit the regenerate-thumbnails.php file at line #167:

    (As usual, backup the original file first before making this edit.)

    if ( ! $images = $wpdb->get_results( “SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_type = ‘attachment’ AND post_mime_type LIKE ‘image/%’ ORDER BY ID DESC” ) ) {

    Change ‘DESC’ to ‘ASC’, as such:

    if ( ! $images = $wpdb->get_results( “SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_type = ‘attachment’ AND post_mime_type LIKE ‘image/%’ ORDER BY ID ASC” ) ) {

    Save the file, run the plugin again and this time you should start from product #1 upwards instead of #10000.

    As I said this is a quick fix and you have only one shot – if the script cuts off again (again for whatever reason) then you can’t help but to start from the top again.

    • No mate, you dont have to edit anything.. I got disconnect when running the script, all I have to do is wait a few minutes, it auto resume and continous running without touching anything

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  9. Hi there!

    First of all, thanks for sharing this plugin to us. However, I’ve been having problems with it since Tuesday. The images are not loading properly in my three most recent blog posts though I never encountered any problem while uploading them. My website is

    I am getting this message in the plugin page: “Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.”
    How should I go about this? Thank you very much and more power.


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  11. Doesn’t work with the latest WordPress. Could you please check this out. does the first image looks like it doing all of them but only first image was done

  12. Mine is working fine now. It ended up being a permissions issue… a conflict between “Nobody” and the regular user name. Once the host figured this out, it worked. I have a sneaking suspicion that it may also have had something to do with filling up the storage allowance.

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  15. What resources on the server is this plugin most dependent on? I have a 4core 8gb SSD based VPS running only LEMP based WordPress site, and the regeneration of thumbnails is extremely slow ~5s each.

    I’m no server expert, but I’ve increased PHP memory, post size, max_vars, MariaDB limits, etc, and the regeneration is still so slow.

    Or is ~5s per image normal, and I just need to let this run for days to complete all the regenerations?

    • If you have that kind of access to your site, then I recommend that you SSH into your site and do the regeneration using WP-CLI, a command line interface for WordPress. It supports regenerating all of your thumbnails:

      Installation is easy and instructions can be found here:

      It’ll go a lot faster than my plugin because you won’t have the overhead of the HTTP request for each image, nor will WordPress have to be loaded each and every time. To avoid running out of memory, my plugin regenerates each image one at a time with a separate AJAX request.

      It’ll still be CPU intensive as you’re resizing a bunch of images, but with less overhead it’ll go much, much faster.

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  17. hey. all my images on my site are messed up.

    i regenerated all my thumbnail but sadly it doesnt update my previous post and it doesnt even shown in my media library.

    but all generated images can be found in FTP > UPLOAD

    whats going on here please advise

  18. Love this plugin 🙂 I just wonder if it would be possible to show the regenerate button on the feature image page as that could save me some time going back and forth.

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  20. hi,
    thanks for developing this plugin; unfortunately your plugin was working fine for me, but after installing woocommerce I went into media setting to change the details and regenerate the thumbnails size and I got this error:
    function () {if(h){var d=h.length;!function f(b){m.each(b,function(b,c){var d=m.type(c);”function”===d?a.unique&&k.has(c)||h.push(c):c&&c.length&&”string”!==d&&f(c)})}(arguments),b?e=h.length:c&&(g=d,j(c))}return this;}


  21. I think I’ve seen that before. I believe it turned out to be a php permissions error with the image processor that manifests as a JavaScript file beg returned. But there error is actually in a php process somewhere.

  22. Not sure if this plugin’s still being maintained or not (I don’t want to install Jetpack for, well, reasons). But if so, I’m getting a deprecation error when running it on PHP 7.

    > Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; RegenerateThumbnails has a deprecated constructor in /path/to/wp/wp-content/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/regenerate-thumbnails.php on line 31

    PHP 7 might still be in release candidate stage, but it’s still an error that’s easy to future-proof: simply rename the constructor function to the correct `__construct` instead of the class’s name. =)

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