My Rental Car For The Week: A Ford Fusion

I’m in Georgia for the week to attend the WordPress Community Summit and I have a rental car for the week in order to get around. It’s one of the newer Ford Fusions:

Ford Fusion

From a design standpoint, I like it, especially the interior. However the seats are rather hard and the automatic transmission is rather slow to shift. That said I keep trying to hit the clutch pedal and I’m not used to an automatic transmission so for all I know this is how all automatic transmissions are like.

2001 Ford Mustang GT

After two months of driving a beater in order to get good at driving stick and better at driving in general, I’ve moved on to a significantly better car — a 2001 Ford Mustang GT. I picked it up last Saturday night and it has a 260 horsepower V8 with a 5 speed stick shift. It is amazingly fun to drive and is really quick (at least to me, heh).

2001 Ford Mustang GT

2001 Ford Mustang GT

More pictures can be found over in the thread I made on some forums I run.

Here’s some video I made using my GoPro. It looks like I’m going slower than I actually am due to the wide angle lens and because I have it mounted on the top of my windshield. 😉