Regenerate Thumbnails v2.1.0 (and v2.1.1) Released

I’ve released a major update to my popular Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. From the changelog:

  • Thanks to a lot of jQuery help from Boris Schapira, a failed image regeneration will no longer stop the whole process.
  • The results of each image regeneration is now outputted. You can easily see which images were successfully regenerated and which failed. Was inspired by a concept by Boris.
  • There is now a button on the regeneration page that will allow you to abort resizing images for any reason. Based on code by Boris.
  • You can now regenerate single images from the Media page. The link to do so will show up in the actions list when you hover over the row.
  • You can now bulk regenerate multiple from the Media page. Check the boxes and then select “Regenerate Thumbnails” form the “Bulk Actions” dropdown. WordPress 3.1+ only.
  • The total time that the regeneration process took is now displayed in the final status message.
  • jQuery UI Progressbar version upgraded.

As you can see, lots of great new stuff. I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

Regenerate Thumbnails v2.0.0

I’ve recoded my Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. It’s now powered by AJAX and should work better on shared hosting environments as it’s pretty much impossible now to make it run out of processing time as each resize is done from it’s own page call. It also features a fancy progress bar (I love you jQuery UI!).

Regenerate Thumbnails Screenshot

New Plugin: Regenerate Thumbnails

A client needed a way to regenerate all thumbnails for their uploads, so I threw together a plugin to do that in just one click and a helpful interface.