Father & Son Cars

My dad swung by Cars & Coffee this morning with his late 1960’s Triumph TR250. I grew up riding around in it and he recently got it running again and restored. It was fun having both of our very different cars sitting next to each other, especially since his is one of the things that got me into cars in the first place! 🙂

1979 Markley-Bruins Top Fuel Dragster Engine Startup Video

At Portland Cars & Coffee this morning, the World of Speed Museum was awesome enough to fire up their 1979 NHRA championship winning Markley-Bruins Top Fuel dragster. It was insanely loud and insanely awesome! Ear plugs were a must. 🙂

Red, White, And Blue

The theme for the featured area this morning at Portland Cars & Coffee was red, white, and blue cars. They were all lined up in rotating order and it looked great!

Here’s a photo I snagged of my blue Viper next to a white Lamborghini and a red Viper.

Red, White, And Blue

Cars & Coffee

I snagged a pretty sweet parking spot at yesterday morning’s Cars & Coffee at the awesome World of Speed Museum near Portland. Great weather too — it was originally supposed to be super hot in the morning but some nice cloud cover saved us, although it did get into the high 90s by the end of the day!

Cars & Coffee 6/27/15