Allow Numeric Slugs

This WordPress plugin allows you to have Pages with a slug (URL) that is only a number.

Normally this isn’t allowed because it conflicts with the paging functionality, allowing you to split the content of a post or page into multiple views using <!--nextpage-->.’s documentation on the functionality best describes how it works.

This plugin sacrifices that functionality in exchange for allowing numeric Page slugs.

Code contributions and bug reports are welcome via this plugin’s GitHub repository.


31 thoughts on “Allow Numeric Slugs

  1. Thanks Viper…this bug was annoying the heck out of me since 2.5. I organize my photo gallery by year and it kept screwing it up. Works like a charm now!

  2. Good to hear!

    Although one precaution: if you have a ton of Pages with the same stub, it’ll increase the number of queries on those Pages by a bit as I guess it’s trying to figure out which Page was requested. They’re easy queries though, so it shouldn’t have too much of an impact. 🙂

  3. Got here via wp-hackers mailing list… I’m interested in this plugin. Just one question about the stub problem that causes multiple DB queries: When does that occur? Specifically, would that occur if I had subpages like this:

    The reason I ask is because the child pages aren’t the same but they all have the same parent page in the URL. Is that what causes the problem? Thanks.

  4. Glenn on July 31st, 2008 at 2:48 PM wrote:

    Just one question about the stub problem that causes multiple DB queries: When does that occur?

    It’s a separate issue entirely:

    Here’s an example:

    When you visit any of those URLs, there is a good chance excess queries can occur. This is because WordPress is poorly tries to figure out which “mypage” you wanted (as there’s actually 3 Pages with the stub of “mypage”).

    I have many, many Pages with the same single number stub but that have different parents. That was my issue.

    This plugin alone should not cause any additional queries.

  5. Glenn on July 31st, 2008 at 8:10 PM wrote:

    Thanks for the reply. Just curious, did you try Ryan’s diff that he added to that ticket?

    No, not yet although if I’m reading it correctly, all it does is allow the cache to help. If the Page hasn’t already been queried for and is known about, then I think it’ll still query.

    I’ll test to see for sure later and if that’s the case, try and write my own patch as the code seems simple enough.

      • I have the same issue as Rob Hyndman. Without the plugin, WordPress does allow numeric pages except that they are suffixed with a “-2”. The plug-in doesn’t make any difference.

  6. This plugin actually is working in what it was designed to do, but WP 3.0 added some further validation. Before you could force a numeric ID by editing the slug but the page would never show up (this plugin fixed that by changing the rewrite rules).

    Now WordPress has gotten smart and makes sure you always use a valid slug. My plugin needs updating to work around that second issue.

  7. I’m having the same issue as Rob above. I’m running latest version that came out this week, think it is 3.0.5. My permalinks changed from to All of the pages within example/1 also have this -2 added to their urls like Also, it appears from my google webmaster account that a 301 redirect is in place from to My wordpress permalink custom settings are set to /%postname%/

    Anyone know what’s going on and how I can fix it?

    Although I’ve used for over a year, so this wasn’t a problem for me previously. I’m hoping this plugin will help, but wary about installling/using plugins. Nonetheless, I’ll give it a try. If it fixes this problem, I’ll post again. thanks!

  8. Update:
    I installed and used this plugin. At first I was thrilled, because I saw that when I went to in my admin panel, I was able to republish it and all my permalinks returned as they were before. So, it did fix that problem for my Pages, but…

    All of my Posts disappeared. The urls were getting 404 errors, even when I tried to republish them. I tried adding a new Post and published it, but when I went to the permalink for that Post, I got a 404 error.

    So, unfortunately, I had to disable the plugin so that my posts show up. Could you look into this, and let me know if there is a bug, or if I need to change my own settings somewhere?

    I really appreciate the help!!!

    • Setting is set to Custom Structure: /%postname%

      I went to the Settings -> Permalinks site as you explained to (clear the rewrite cache). I did nothing on this site but open it. After I opened that Permalinks page I tried the pages and the all seem to work fine 🙂


  9. My installation went just fine and my permalink changed to a numeric permalink (without the annoying -2) but the page simply won’t load. I am getting a 404 error 🙁

    Anyone else experiencing this?


  10. Is this plugin working with WordPress 4.0? With the plugin activated, I was able to get a slug to be a number (in my case 86) but even after visiting Permalinks, I got a 404 error on actually trying to visit the page. Not only that, it tried to redirect on its way to 404, to 86gts, which I think I did save as many revisions ago. I tried deleting cache as well.

  11. failed on 4-digit numbers, eg – guessing wordpress thinks the 4 digits is a year value, eg 2016. can you disable that too, so your plugin does its job better?

  12. I have pages that are just titled by year so the slugs would be /2018/ or /2017/ etc. I got the page to allow the four digits as the slug but it renders 404 when I try to view it. Has there been any headway made to force it to render?

  13. Hi there! I installed your plugin and worked, but now 2 pages are keeping the “-2” & “-4” what am I doing wrong, setting the page as password access only for the first week or 2?

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