Bulk Change Attachment Parent

Bulk Change Attachment Parent allows you to change the parent of one or more attachments (uploads) on your blog. This is useful since the [gallery] feature lists out all images that have been attached to the current post/page. By changing the parent, you can effectively move images between galleries.



19 thoughts on “Bulk Change Attachment Parent

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  2. Great plugin, dry and simple and redoubtably efficient.
    I had already the pleasure to use the quicktag plugin for video
    Keep on the good work!
    I am writing an article on how enhance the media manager and your plugin is definitely in the pole positon.


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  4. Nice work James.
    Couldn’t get this going on WP 3.2.1 (clicking Apply to make the bulk change did nothing), but then I tried your version and it works a treat, thanks.
    Nice touch adding the drop-downs, too. I’ve never got why so many otherwise awesome plugins go to the trouble of implementing a GUI but then stop short of letting the user select meaningful names instead of using meaningless back-end IDs, so extra thumbs up for that mate.

    • Oh my pleasure! Glad it worked. Hey Alex? If you’re out there, can you let us know if these changes might make it into a new version of your plugin? If you want, I can fork it but it’s your baby. 🙂


  5. Hi Viper.
    I’m a novice and I am having a problem with the change attachment parent plugin.After I select my item, click on the drop down box that says change parent, nothing happens.I’m not prompted to pick a location. I sell items on my site and want to move them to my gallery from my shopping cart. I don’t know how to add the code James referred to.

  6. Viper, I must be missing something. When I’m on the products page,I select edit on an item, the page comes up to edit but I but don’t see ID anywhere on that page.

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