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  2. Hello Alex, i am a big fan of viper video quicktags and using it for more than 3 years. i like to suggest one feature which allows us to disable the loading of .swf file in all pages. So that the adobe flash icon notification can be turned off on user browsers when they visit our website. Please consider this in upcoming update and enable html5 video embed option without change in existing tag.

    Thanks and thumbs up for your beautiful plugin.


    • This plugin is on its last legs due to how good the embed functionality that is built into WordPress core is. I don’t plan any on adding any new features to this plugin. I do need to write a simple plugin to replace this one though that makes all of this plugin’s shortcodes use the new HTML5 embed functionality though that’s built into WordPress core.

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  5. i’ve a question… when i insert the code inside my post, i see the video embedded just if i enter in the single post.
    From the timeline of the blog is visible just a preview icon not the embedded video i’ve just added.
    How can i fix this problem??

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  17. Hi Alex,

    I use this plugin great from 2 years. I activated SSL certificate to show HTTPS on my website and all Youtube video embed with the shortcode [youtube] doesn’t show!!

    How I can solve this problem? I have A LOT OF video embed…

    I sent an email from https://ninnypants.com too, waiting for response…

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