Viper’s Video Quicktags

This plugin has been discontinued and a replacement migrator plugin has been released in its place. For details, please see this blog post.

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  1. After install I receive an Error 500 when try to publish a post, i run on wordpress 3.4 with gantry framework.

    thanks in advance

      • Hi Alex thanks for the fast reply!! i can’t update to the latest version of WordPress for anothers know wp bugs, you see anothers alternatives to resolve this iusse? i have just see the wp logs but notthing in there for this iusse, to which kind of logs your refer? (the apache one)

        thanks in advance

      • Hi Alex i have follow your advice to update wordpress to 3.5 but this don’t resolve the bug, i have notice another think, the problem persist only with the users with the role author or editor or subscribe not with the administrator, i wait another your good advice! to resolve this iusse

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  3. Hi. I want to add .avi, but it’s not working, blank screen.
    Here is my code – [videofile][/videofile]
    Any ideas?

  4. Can you let me know how to get this audio file downloaded?

    I saw your Viper007bond in it and it led me here.
    Just trying to get the audio where people don’t need their computers to listen to it, but can easily with their phone.


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  6. Hello,

    I am wondering if there is a way to automatically advance to another embedded vimeo video when the first one finishes? Also, how would I do that? I already have autoplay working, I’d just like it to automatically go to the next video when it’s done playing.

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  8. since updating to your latest version ( Version 6.4.5 ) all video just show a screenshot of the youtube video that i have embedded. They do not play within my site anymore. The videos just now redirect to the video hosted on youtube , leaving my site page… PLease fix this ASAP so users can STILL appreciate the plug in. vipers video quicktag

    • It sounds like your theme is missing the required <?php wp_footer(); ?> call in it’s footer.php that all themes need to have. My plugin uses that hook to output some JavaScript that this plugin needs to work.

      Either that a JavaScript error is occurring on your site.

      You should check your browser’s console or temporarily disable all other plugins and switch to the default theme to see if it works then.

  9. Hello I wanted to ask you, we use your plugin for our site. We have there many videos that are showing our work and some time ago it all stopped working. If you want to play any video it just starts to load but doesn’t play. In chrome on my mac it plays if I click fullscreen. My colleague uses the latest Firefox and there it doesn’t play the video at all. Could you pls let us know how to fix it? We are using version 1.6.4 and haven’t updated to latest one yet, but as I see the previous comment, something very similar happens over there also and they even updated the plugin.
    Thank you very much for you reply. Filip

  10. I see your statement that you are rewriting your plugin – which I have used since I started with WP – and I want to chime in a bit in terms of direction (even though you are probably already considering all this.)
    I had to stop using your plugin when I develped more conciseness for responsive design and compatibility with all those iOS devices. So, it would be great if your plugin becomes scalable to the width of its container and if flash is not used, at least when displaying on iOS devices. I have, currently, many videos embedded with you plugin, and they all don’t show on iPads, etc.

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  12. hey big fans of your plug in it has worked perfect for years but now when i try and click on any of the quick link buttons like youtube vimeo etc nothing happens? im not sure if its a issue with your plugin or if its a wordpress update issue that is messing it up but im running version 6.4.5 of your plugin and im using wordpress 3.5. I have not been able to get this plugin to work for a month now one day it just all of sudden stopped working. It still shows me all the quick link buttons but nothing happens when they are click where before they would open up into a new window so i can add the youtube or vimeo link to the actual video. Please Help!!!!!

  13. Hi Alex,

    When I clicked the icons on the page to add videos, nothing happens.

    I tried to reinstall your plugin and still same. What could be other cause?


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  15. How do I ensure a video plays via RTMP? simply have the url as rtmp://instead of http://?
    I intend to use a file hosted via S3/CloudFront and the files would be mp4

  16. Hi;
    Wanted to thank you for the great plugin but for me working only with [] instead of () which comes with the RSS is difficult as I have to go post by post and correct the (). Is there any work around or new version on the way which addresses this problem please?

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  18. Hi,
    Using plug-in with no probs on a site using WP 3.5. However on other site running 3.5.1, does not run. YouTube videos say ‘currently not available.

    Is 3.5.1 an issue?

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  21. Hi All,

    Using this plugin I want to play my vimeo video from certain time how should I?
    Example I have 6 min video and I want to start it from 1min 60 sec. How to do it?


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  26. Hey great plugin, but I do have one question. When I first added a few youtube videos i could click and watch it right on the website without being redirected. But now for some reason it redirects away from the site to open in youtube. Any ideas why it changed like that(perhaps a wordpress update did it?). And is there a way I can get it to play on the site again? If you want to see. it’s at the bottom of the home page under evidence. click the read more button. Nor a big deal but would be great if I could get it back the way it was. Thank for all the hard work…

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  28. Not sure if this will help, but just got done cleaning malware code from your plugin. Have taken it off my site temporarily.

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    • m a big fan of viper video quicktags and using it for more than 3 years. i like to suggest one feature which allows us to disable the loading of .swf file in all pages. So that the adobe flash icon notification can be turned off on user browsers when they visit our website.

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  32. Hi, thank you for this very cool plugin – it works great! My question is not a direct support but I’m hoping you can direct me in the right direction in further integration. I am using the WP User Frontend plugin that has allows for a front-end posting entry form. I would love to enable your buttons on this form so users can attach videos. Any hints on where I should start? Thanks in advance!

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’m aware of WordPress’s default embedding capabilities, but your plug in makes it much more idiot proof – especially for posting on the front end. For example, a user may not put the url on it’s own line, or add a link to it – both which would prevent embedding. I’ll continue to look for a solution. Thanks again,

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  34. I´m not able to use the [flash] tag into my wordpress site. Does this tag works with swf files?
    Because i´m adding the link between [flash] tags but the video sin´t showed. Any idea?

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