Registered Users Only

Have a private blog that you only want your friends or family to read? Then this plugin is for you. It will redirect all users who aren’t logged in to the login form where they are shown a user-friendly message.

This plugin also features a configuration page where you can easilly toggle allowing guests to access your feeds.

Also, unlike some other registered users only scripts, you can’t get around this one by just visiting index.php?blah=wp-login.php nor does it break wp-cron.php or anything else.



Yeah, these are ancient screenshots (wordPress 2.5) and need to be updated.

179 thoughts on “Registered Users Only

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  2. hi great plugin, but i have run into a slight problem, everything i try to do on my site redirects me to the login page. i cannot even deactivate the plugin as it directs me back to the login page?

    • Hey i think i sorted it, i think it was just a conflicting plugin, so deactivated them all and installing one by one.

      • Glad to hear you got it sorted.

        For future reference you can disable plugins by renaming their folder, or just deleting them. WordPress will gracefully disable them when it can’t load them.

  3. Hi, I’m stuck.
    Your plugin worked sweetly. However, since I’ve installed buddypress it won’t let me access the registration form from the login.php. Do you have any idea which sites i’d have to exclude to make it work again?

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  5. This worked great while we were building a site…until I deactivated it. Now it’s still redirecting me to the login page on the live site, even after deleting the plugin entirely. How do I undo what it has done so that I can see my site!? Pulling my hair out over here…

  6. Hello Viper, sorry for barging in. Not even sure if you will check or reply these comments any more, but gotta try. I installed your Registered users only plugin, but it’s conflicting with a security mod the web provider got running in the shared hosting. Basically, any page I open without loggin in, counts as a failed login attempt, and the security mod blocks all http requests for 1 minute after 3 failed attempts. This means people can’t follow the normal workflow to recover password and reset it.

    Would you have any insight as to why the plugin may be flagging the oppening of these pages as failed attempts even if no login attempt is being done and / or a workaround for it?.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Alex, thanks for the registered users plugin. I have tried several content restriction plugins and yours is the first that restricted the buddypress members, groups etc. Thank you! Is there away that I can alter the plugin that will allow my homepage to show and everything beyond the homepage will be restricted?

    • You’ll need to edit the plugin’s file. Find this line in it:


      Add a new line before it and then paste this onto that line:

      if ( is_front_page() ) { return; }

      Please note that I haven’t tested this and it may not work.

  8. Hello, Dumb question here…I downloaded and activated the plugin. Set the setting to membership only and don’t know what to do next. Is there another config? Nothing has changed. Thank you! kserra

    • If you’re logged in, everything should look the same. If you’re logged out, you should get prompted to log in unless the plugin has somehow broken without anyone telling me about it (I don’t use the plugin on any of my own sites as they’re all public).

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  11. Hi,

    thank you for the great plugin. I have one question though. How can I use the localization template? I changes the text, but where and under which name do I have to save the file (de-DE)?


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