Registered Users Only

Have a private blog that you only want your friends or family to read? Then this plugin is for you. It will redirect all users who aren’t logged in to the login form where they are shown a user-friendly message.

This plugin also features a configuration page where you can easilly toggle allowing guests to access your feeds.

Also, unlike some other registered users only scripts, you can’t get around this one by just visiting index.php?blah=wp-login.php nor does it break wp-cron.php or anything else.



Yeah, these are ancient screenshots (wordPress 2.5) and need to be updated.

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  1. How would you suggest making the robots.txt file accessible for a site that I no longer want available in the search results?

    The plugin works great, but the robots.txt file is not available to the public. At present this is the only way I have for making certain pages disappear from the search results. Thoughts?

  2. Question: I am not familiar with PHP. Has anyone figured out how to change the redirect so that non-registered users are sent to the home page?


  3. hello,

    i’ve problem when burning feed using feedburner.
    feed encounter error : not a valid feed.

    i suspect it is because when we use this plugin, feed can’t read without permission.
    how to avoid that?

  4. I really like the plug in, but I am having an issue after users log in that it takes them first to their dashboard. I have cleared the cache several times now, but it is still happening. This is an issue using Firfox and IE 8. Any idea how I can solve this? I would like my users to log on and then have them go to the main site first instead of their dashboard.

    • Yes – this plug-in works 90% and does the desired thing and I appreciate Vipers’ efforts…

      But…yeah – it logs into the Users’ profile page rather then the start of the site. I tried stripping my other plug-ins back (as suggested elsewhere here) and it still exists. The other Members Only plug-in is not yet tested for 2.9.2.

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  8. what about fbconnect? Now if you get directed first to the login page, then you click fbconnect, it attempts to login, creates the user, then shows you the page again. in order to view the site, you click back to site name at the top left, and it works. or you close browser, and reenter, click login with fb and it works

    im trying to modify your code so that even if the login fails and shows the “only registered and logged in users…” error, it will redireect to the main page, and not to the registeration page.

  9. Plugin works well, though even with “Anyone Can Register” box checked, users cannot register.
    It will just refresh to the login prompt. Any ideas how to resolve this? Thank you.

  10. I have WP installed in a separate directory from index.php and the main root of a site I’m working on. This is to help secure my login page, but also to keep things clean at the root level of my server. The plugin only works after someone goes to the main site and begins clicking links. when they first go to the site, it loads up without protection. Is there any way to get it to work from the beginning?

    • That’s rather odd because all my plugin does is sees if the user is logged in or if the page requested is on an excluded list, and if not then it calls a built-in WordPress function that should redirect them to the login form.

  11. Hi,

    When I install this plugin it works, because I cannot access the pages on my blog and it re-directs to the login page.
    However I cannot register, no users can register either, as the plugin will not allow the register page to open. How can I get around this?

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  13. I’ve been using your Registration plug-in for some time now with no problems… thanks a bunch. Unfortunately, in a moment of weakness, I updated to WP-3 and suddenly folks can no longer register. Everything works great right up to the final submit button press and then I get a blank screen with the following error…
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home1/xxxxxxxx/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 2772
    Any ideas?

  14. UPDATE – I just discovered this WP Forums posting….
    This guy is having the same problem… for the same reason… and he discovered that it only happens when he is using an email address that has already been used… my problem exactly! Upon closer digging that “used email address” option is available within the “Register Plus” plug-in… not the “Registered Users Only” plug-in. No solution yet but we may be getting closer. Do you know of any incompatibilites with the “Register Plus” plug-in?

  15. Hi Alex. I’d like to ask you, would you know if this plugin would work with WP-3 that has BuddyPress plugin running (it is a community plugin with forum, clubs, member images etc.) I basically would like to keep all site’s content private for only us, manually added members/users. Thank you Mate a lot for your fine work with this feature!

    PS I like the country flags in comments, and your long Archive list dating back for years.

  16. but actually i meant MAC address, not ip address. for example:
    i leave the house – which has a wireless router. so every computer in my house will have the same ip address as far as the server is concerned. but i dont want any other computer in the house having potential access. only my iphone/ipad/laptop. the others (kids) should never have access.

    you think modding the htaccess will solve this?

    • IP addresses are the postal codes of the Internet, not MAC addresses. I’m pretty sure none of your MAC addresses never leave your house.

      Usernames and passwords do what you’re looking for. As long as your kids don’t know your password, you’re fine. 😉

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  18. The pluging is exactly what I need but it seems to work only with IE.

    With Safari, for example, the user is always redirected to the login page.

    Thank you for your answer

  19. Thanks for all of the work on the plugin, I’ve been using it for about six months now. However, after upgrading to WordPress 3.0.1 the plugin has been acting buggy. For example, after logging in and clicking sometimes just one link it prompts me to relogin and this happens over and over again. Anyone else experience this?

  20. Hey. Very fine plugin. I have succesfully installed it. But the user is always directed til the profile site for the user. How do I avoid that?
    me too ,i want the user visit the main page,how to do that

  21. Hi just wanna say thanks for the plugin. Would like to ask if there’s a way to make all registrations “moderated”, i.e. I have to approve their registration before they get to login. Currently any tom/dick/harry can register and view as long as they have an email address…

    For the redirects, recommend you guys try out Peter’s Login Redirect at

    You can specify different login redirects according to user groups, e.g. subscribers get sent to main page, authors get sent to admin page or whatever. Hope this helps.

  22. Ah I see, no time to go look though so I decided to disable registration and do it manually. Not that many users anyway.

    Again, thanks for the plugin, you’ve done an awesome job.

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  24. Hello. I am trying to use the iPad app for WP. It seems when that app is trying to “add” the blog to the app, I believe the functionality of this cool app is causing issues.

    If I disabled this app while I added the blog to my iPad app and then re-activated the app…..would all user records still be there as is never deactivated?

    Wouldn’t want to have to recreate all users again.


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  26. Hi Alex,

    I’m seeing a conflict between your (awesome) plugin and the private RSS feeds generated by the Simple:Press forum plugin – it blocks those feeds, or conflicts with them in some way.

    Both Google Reader and Yahoo return error messages when I try to subscribe to these feeds with the plugin enabled.

    The odd thing is that there’s no conflict with Safari’s ability to read the feeds.

    Is this a known issue?

    (I do have the “Allow guest access to feeds” button clicked)

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  28. Great plug-in – I only have one question – Is there anyway to make a single post viewable to the public without any login? Any guidance with this issue greatly appreciated.

  29. Thank-you for posting., Any idea where I would modify yopur code to allow whitelisting of a page? Not veyr strong in php, but a code snippet and where to plug it in would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Great plugin! – i have a question though regarding this and other password protecting plugins.
    I have my “private” nested inside div’s on my site, to be integrated within my site (the blog is for my clients to watch live feeds) -=
    I am trying to put these “registered only” or “members only” or any of the privacy passworded plugins into the site so it remains completely off the radar and not accessible to anyone.
    But when i do this,
    when the user clicks to go to the page, the login redirect happens, but it just returns a blank page?
    It works fine when it is in the first level of pages, (meaning not nesting) .
    I have tried to “target” but that doesn’t work either?
    Is there a place where i can “target” the redirect??
    Thanks so much!

  31. Thanks Viper! I’m actually finding out that this is an issue with WP, not the plugins.. i tried different themes also, and it’s happening to all. Happening when the plugins arent even there…
    Seems all Admin nav links are trying to go to some predefined page and causing those within or to go to white pages…
    will go to WP blogs to try to find answers as well…
    thanks though!

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  34. Hi! Thanks for this great Plugin.

    A question: I have defined fields for completion at registration, but I can’t figure out how to view these additional fields in the dashboard, for each user.

    Is there a display option in the User section to see these extra fields, or how else can I harvest the info?

    What am I missing?

    Thanks, Peter

    PS: the “plugin site” link in the installed Plugins section may have been hijacked… it certainly didn’t point here.

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  36. I may be missing something but is there a way I can see a list of people who have registered, and then delete those I do not want accessing my site?

  37. Hi,
    I have the plugin installed and sort of working. The only thing is that users set up with either subscriber, author, or contributor roles cannot see the site homepage. They can see the other pages on the site, but get my “oops that page doesn’t exist page” (replacing the standard 404 error page) instead of the homepage. When their user roles are reset to either Editor, or Administrator then they can see the home page. Any ideas as to how I can fix this as I don’t particularly want to give everyone that level of access? I’m running WP3.2.1 and v1.0.3 of your plugin.

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