In Their Language

In Their Language detects the user’s browser language preferences and attempts to switch your site/blog to that language.

One great example usage of this plugin is if your site/blog is managed by multiple people who speak multiple languages, then this plugin will automatically switch the administration area to each user’s language.

Only translatable strings will be affected and only if a translation file is present for that language. See the installation guide and FAQ for more details on that.


18 thoughts on “In Their Language

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  3. Hi Viper,
    thanks for doing this, but it would be nice to know what language plugins this works with?
    or an explanation as to how best to use this plugin with what language changing method.

  4. Hi there..I have a question..I have installed your plugin @In Their Language and I asked my french friend to open it and tell me what language you can see..he said english..nothing seems to be working..did I missed something? is there anything else that has to be done apart from installing this plugin in our website?



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  6. Hi Alex;
    Thank you for this good work! I am using the translator plugin right now and I like it. You said in your explanation that there should be “language file” that the browser recognizes for the plugin to work(if I am correct). How can they add more language files to the list like for example; Amharic(Ethiopian language), Oromo(spoken in East Africa and uses latin alphabets same as English), Somali(spoken in East Africa), Tigirgna(spoken in East Africa)e.t.c? DO they use language/Country code only or the whole translation?

  7. It works great in itself, but it conflicts with the “ZdMultiLang” plugin, whereas the link to switch post language created by said plugin remains stuck on the default language. It start working again when “In their language” is deactivated.

  8. With best regards from Finland, dear Alex aka Viper – thanks for your inspirational good work and sharing!

    With regards to your plugin ‘In their language’… basic WordPress 3.4.1 EN installed, plus additional language .mo and .po files DE, FR and FI in wp-content/languages as well as in all themes.

    Browser Safari and OS switched to ‘Finnish’ language does not change to the desired language. French fine, German fine. Swedish not yet tried, but intending to test as well.

    Any idea, why the plugin does not accept FI so far?

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