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This is a very simple plugin that makes the links created by using the <!–more–> tag not scroll down to where you put it. It instead just displays the single post normally. This is done by removing the anchor (the #more-123 part) from the end of the link.

It came about as a result of a thread in the WordPress support forums. Since modifying core files should be avoided whenever possible, I decided to write this mini-plugin.


18 thoughts on “More To The Top

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    i have been trying to tweak the functions.php and failed miserably.
    this is so simple and highly recommended!

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  8. Hi, I want to replace the more anchor with an another anchor I myself would like to place on the post, is this possible? Is it possible to just tweak the ‘More To The Top’ plugin ?
    Best Regards.

    • Just figured it out!!! I’d been on it for hours, finally manage it using another plugin. YEAH!! Thank you anyway.

      In case anyone else ever needs it:

      global $id;
      return str_replace(‘#more-‘.$id.'”‘, ‘#YOUR_ANCHOR’.'”‘, $content);

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