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  1. Hey, how’d you get this plugin to keep working in WP 2.0.2? Are you using a PHP plugin to run the code within a WP page? I’m running Exec-PHP 2.0 and SRG Clean Archives 1.5, but it’s puking for me.

    If you’re wondering why I’m asking, I was reading the latest comments in that plugin post, and saw that you might’ve modified it.


  2. No, I haven’t modified it yet, I’m just running the defualt edition. My only things I was going to modify though was to make it cache rather than using a bazillion queries on each page load. 😉

    I am however displaying it via a Page template rather than a PHP plugin though, so that could be your problem. I just made a copy of my page.php and then added the archives function to it after the_content() or whatever.

    Oh, and do note that I’m running WordPress v2.0.2-RC2 (it’s slightly older than v2.0.2) as I haven’t had a chance to upgrade. However, I really doubt there was any changes made between my version and the final that would affect this plugin.

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