Oregon State: 41, Portland State: 14

Woo, go Beavs! 😀

Over the weekend, I went down to Corvallis to watch OSU play PSU in the newly renovated Reser Stadium. This was the first game played with the new East addition being completed.

On game day, that was completely full as was the other side that the above camera is mounted on. In total, there were over 42,000 people there. Every seat was sold out. It was a heck of a lot of people in orange. Some pictures from game day soon perhaps. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oregon State: 41, Portland State: 14

  1. Beavs suck! (You didn’t think a Duck fan could ignore your site with a headline like that, do you?) Seriously, don’t you think beating PSU by four TDs is hardly worth crowing about? OK, I am sure the new stadium is nice (anything would beat the old Reser) but the team is still going to be mediocre this year, unlike Oregon.

    Watch for the results on the 24th, when we stun USC at home. Then, of course, we look forward to re-establishing supremacy in the state come November. GO DUCKS!

  2. Haha, yeah, that’s true that beating PSU really isn’t anything to brag about. lol

    However, that Reser Stadium is just kickass. We had club tickets and the bar and stuff is just simply awesome. 😀

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