Intelligent Design

Anyone else think this whole ordeal is one big joke? I mean, what next, saying the world is flat? I cannot believe the ignorance of some people.

What do you think about this court case?

5 thoughts on “Intelligent Design

  1. Oh but that it were a joke, agent 007! But you don’t tie up a Federal courtroom for days at a time just to provide fodder for the DS w/JS. These people are serious (and yes, seriously out of their minds) but like the John Roberts’ confirmation, there can be little doubt as to the outcome. I disagree with those who suggest this is “Scopes II” however. This is really a smokescreen…a test by the religious right to see just how much they can cram down the throat (er, brains) of a docile society’s public school students. Ironic isn’t it, that the same people who generally don’t trust the govt./state/public schools to get ANYTHING right, now want it to do their spiritual duty and teach a religious theory as pseudo-scientific “alternatives”.

    As a Christian, I am ashamed…and angry. More (for those who are so inclined) over at the kazablog.

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