Battlefield 2 v1.03 Patch Out

A new patch for Battlefield 2 has been released. New things include a new version of the classic Wake map (Wake 2007) as well as lots of bug fixes. Of course since we’re talking about EA and DICE here, they’ve also introduced lots of new bugs.

The biggest new one is that if you use the new name prefix system (meant for allowing players to add a clan tag), you can’t set it to blank, you can only change it to something else. So, don’t use the new prefix system! [edit] Fixed it. If you type some text into the prefix box and then delete it out via backspace, it seems to go away. [/edit]

Anyway, you can go download it here:;4213295;;/fileinfo.html

One thought on “Battlefield 2 v1.03 Patch Out

  1. I have somewhat mixed feelings towards it, just coming from a server where I was kicked due to teamkilling caused by the red / blue bug. Sure, they nerfed the Blackhawk which was a pain in the ass, when operated properly. Sadly though they turned it into a death trap. Never before have I seen so much metal raining from the sky. The “Hey, let’s make everything a little easier !” approach DICE took isn’t my cup of tea.

    It could have been me, but I think they altered the sniper rifles aim to make it more effective. Never before have I hit as much as yesterday. Tanks and Helos seem to be easier to blow up aswell. I got my ass handed by APC’s sneaking up to me from behind two times in a row. I can’t recall that happening to me pre-patch.

    Although EA/DICE took it’s time with the patch, it seems somewhat rushed. They could have done a much better job, if they would have focused on features that alter the gameplay in certain ways. I would have loved to see bunnyhopping and anti-tank sniping go. Heck, even adding points for followed and archieved commands would have been great. And I’m not even mentioning the aim/hitboxes here which are “troublesome” to say the least…

    Perhaps in 1.04, who knows ?

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