Daniel Craig To Be The Next James Bond

Yep, that’s right, on Friday it was announced that some blond guy named Daniel Craig is going to be the next James Bond. Odd that he’s going to be blond as Bond is usually a brown haired guy, but hopefully he’ll be good. We’ll just have to wait and see though.

You can read the official press released right here.

12 thoughts on “Daniel Craig To Be The Next James Bond

  1. He played the bad guy “Alex West” in Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie.
    As it turns out, AJ may be the ‘Bond Girl’ so they will be back in a movie together 🙂

  2. Yeah, I saw him credited as being in Tomb Raider, I just couldn’t place his face. Alex West was the main bad guy, correct? Or was he the smooth talker guy? Been a while since I’ve seen the movie…

    And OMFG if Jolie’s gonna be the next bond girl. 😮

  3. At first blush, I don’t think this Daniel Craig guy is very Bond-ish at all. He certainly does not look the part. Actually, he looks kind of goofy. There are so many other blonds (if that’s what they really wanted) who would fit the the role better. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

    By the way, nice blog. I will bookmark your site and check back.

  4. Wont be the same without ol Peircey 🙁 hope this new guy does some kinda justice to it at least. But AJ would make up for it i suppose! 😀

  5. see “Layer Cake” vipernub….Daniel Craig rocks.
    I won 100 bucks in an office pool by guessing he would be the next bond.

    James Purefoy, currently on HBO’s Rome was my second choice.

  6. I heard that they fired Pierce Brosnan bcuz he was to old…OOH CMOM Roger Moore and Sean Coonery were even older than him…i guess he could stay…I didnt like the new guy too…I also dont think he has that Bond Style…Hope he gets fired soon LoL!

  7. So are my wife and I the only ones who are glad to see the end of the “pretty boy” Bonds Dalton and Brosnan? I still remember Brosnan’s stated wish that Bond be killed off in the last film, so he could be the last Bond.

    Bring on Craig, we’ll be comparing him to Connery and Moore, for us the ony real Bonds (Lazenby was fine, but his film wasn’t that great for other reasons).

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