Bad Behavior 2 Pre-Release Versions

Bad Behavior, the plugin that I use to block bad bots from my site (so they can’t waste bandwidth or spam my blog), has been updated. The new version, 2, is still in alpha/beta, but it’s very stable. It’s just lacking a few features, such as a full options page.

With that said, it’s well worth the upgrade. Since I’ve installed it, I’ve only gotten a couple spam comments on my blog as opposed to before when I was getting a decent amount (Spam Karma 2 would still catch them and mark them as spam, but it was annoying anyway). And even better, the bots that got through the current version I’m using will be blocked in the final version.

So, if you’re looking to keep bad bots from accessing your site and posting spam, make sure to get the new version of Bad Behavior! 🙂

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