5 thoughts on “Windows Media Player 11 Beta

  1. Pretty sure it’s a visualization. I just stole the screenshot off of Microsoft’s site. lol

    And yeah, I do like it a lot, but I have three beefs with it:

    1. It takes forever to close. After I click “X”, it takes like 5 seconds to actually close for me.
    2. In fullscreen mode, there’s no top bar with a close button or anything. I only use WMP for video and always fullscreen (on my 2nd monitor) and I hate having to come out of fullscreen mode when I’m done watching my TV show. 🙁
    3. I miss the slide in and slide out of the fullscreen controls like in WMP10. It was a cool look. :/

    Since I don’t actually use the media library or anything, I’m debating on wether to go back to WMP10 or not…

  2. Does the new version of WMP have anyhting to do with MSN messenger, because ever since i downloaded it, i cant sign in to MSN messenger nor windows messenger?

  3. I don’t like it personally, it seems like it’s being changed for the sake of it. What does it add that the MP9/10 didn’t have?

    They could have used some of the time wasted in developing(?) that and used it to get a few more non-critical patches out for XP, get rid of a few of the little bugs.

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