Do You Have A Battlefield 2 Account?

If so, I highly advise that you go reserve it for Battlefield 2142. If you don’t, someone else could take your name once it hits stores. 😉


  1. Enter an username / password. If you’ve used the EA Downloader, then that’s the same user system, so use that. Otherwise just make a new account.
  2. Enter your BF2 username / password.
  3. Enter the username you’d like for BF2142. It can be the same as your BF2 name or it can be different. However, it cannot be one that has been registered in BF2. For that, you need to wait until it hits the shelves when all non-registered in BF2142 nicks will be freed up.

Questions? Post here and I bet I can answer them for you. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Do You Have A Battlefield 2 Account?

  1. Yea, how do you get the bling if you’ve been beta testing? lol EA couldn’t answer that one when I went to the BF2142 preview. The one tidbit that I did get, was that the DICE guy assumed the Beta accounts would be wiped at the end of testing, including names, so I could get it then.

    Btw – all the other maps rocked. And yes I wrote a short post about going (in case you missed it)

  2. Yes, I’m pretty sure the beta account system right now is separate than the one that’ll be used on the retail version as this veteran program allowed me to register the nick that I was using in the beta. 😉

  3. when i try to make a new acount on my battlefield2142 it says a acount has already been registered what do i do? i had the game for 2 years and have never played it because i did not have an acount that i know of please help me!

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