“Be Back In A Few”

lol, whoops! For those of you who may have noticed, my blog has been down for the last 6-12 (more?) hours. I was upgrading to the latest beta build of WordPress and forgot to turn my blog back on when I was done. My apologies.

6 thoughts on ““Be Back In A Few”

  1. And Garett used the core functionality of the old WeatherIcon from Jeremiah, who took his primary code from PHPWeather (a source I returned to when we started working on 3.0). However, viper has done some of the neater integrations with WeatherIcon (to things I had never heard of before, ie: wp-sidebar and wp-dash). All I’ve really done is make it integrate more smoothly with modern versions of wordpress.

  2. 🙂 My dad was British, while my mother liked the name Garrett, my dad insist it be spelt Garett. Why?

    garrett: a room within the roof of a house, an attic

    While rather rare to hear in North America (well, at least here), it is rather common in Britain.

    I’ve had my name misspelt many ways. My personal favourite is still Jaret.

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