Will Code For A Design!

Alright, I’m growing tired of this theme and I’m looking for something a little more Web 2.0 as well as possibly full width. Is anyone out there interested in working with me to create a mockup in Photoshop? I’d want to do the design to XHTML to WordPress theme part, but I can’t design for the life of me, so I’d need someone’s help to create the design.

I’d be willing to chip a little money your way or even better, code anything you need (WordPress plugin, theme, etc.).

Any takers?

11 thoughts on “Will Code For A Design!

  1. I would be interested in making a photoshop psd for you.

    Get in touch with me and we can work out any details.
    (I assume you can see my email as a commenter?)

  2. I’d like to help you, but as Ryan said above, i need some pointers about what you may like. I’m a newbie in WP, but i design sites as a hobbie for some years.


  3. Would you be too busy to help me sort out my wordpress site?
    I am sure it is a very simple job for someone who knows what they are doing!
    – I am such a novice at all of this – I have read all sorts of posts on how to fix my issues but I am still stumbling around in the dark!

    Issues in orderof importance
    1. I would like to be able to put out a special page which just had the navigation on the top (maybe just a html page would be cool – so what I need is the ability to put a link to that under PAGES.
    2. – I can’t get your plug in to work:
    I don’t know how to turn of the WYSIWYG for 3.0
    But then I read that the bugsin 4.0 don;t seem to effect youtube so I downloaded that – it appears in my plug ins, and there are viper settings in my settings but alas no buttons on the ditor.
    3. The homepage dispays all the messages including the videos – but the archive pages just disply the title. I found some posts on how to fix this but they just said some stuff that I didn’t understand.
    4. I would like to be able to make the logo on the site link to the homepage.
    5. I would like to put the search box at the bottom of the menu

    So it looks a long list but I am sure this is very basic stuff – do you think you could help me?



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