New Plugin Released: Templatedia

I’ve just released two new plugins (well, one and a half really as the 2nd is just an addon for the first).

I preset to you all, Templatedia. I had been looking at Wikipedia‘s (i.e. MediaWiki‘s) templating system and realized that it’d work well if it was ported to WordPress.

For example, say you’re a music artist and you have a post or page for each song you’ve released. On each post/page, you have a little float’ed box that’s styled and contains like a download link, details about the track (year released, etc.), or whatever. Well, rather than copying and pasting that HTML from post to post, you can just create a new template and use it.


The possible uses are countless!

The other plugin I have released is called Templatedia Chess. It’s an addon for Templatedia that adds in a new template that is a port of Wikipedia’s Chess diagram template. I coded it for fun and to test Templatedia to make sure that it could handle complex templates, but it also works quite well and hopefully a couple people will find it useful.


Please leave any comments on the plugin on the plugin’s homepage.