13 thoughts on “WPhone Wins!

  1. Stephane Daury on November 14th, 2007 at 4:35 AM wrote:

    Nice. I waa gonna ask if they could have the WP logo engraved, but I figured I’d be abusing. 🙂

    They can’t do that.

    When you order it though, you can enter two lines of text and Apple will engrave it onto the back of it for free.

    Stephane Daury on November 14th, 2007 at 4:38 AM wrote:

    Oh, sorry. Going for the iPhone. I’ll, use it as an iPod until I *find a way* to use it as a phone, or they decide to offer the service in Canada.

    I was gonna do that, but decided the camera wasn’t worth giving up 8GB. Better to carry around a cheap phone when/if I need one (don’t currently) and a camera.

  2. re: logo: yeah, that’s why I’m going to see if I can bank some time on a friend laser engraver instead. 🙂

    re: 8GB: I’m upgrading from a 2GB iPod Nano, so 8GB’s fine for what I do with it. For the account, the trick is that if it becomes a professional tool, I can probably find a way to expense the account.

  3. That’s something I’ve never truly gotten — the best way to use iTunes/smart playlists to manage situations where I have more music than iPod capacity. I’m in a similar situation — I have at least 65GB of music (plus hundreds of gigs of TV shows and video podcasts) and a 30GB 5G iPod. Obviously, something has to go and something has to stay.

    I’d ideally like to take all my music with me (a 160GB Classic might do nicely…) but with 1/10 the capacity, I’m going to have to be careful in how I manage the Touch.

    It’ll be a learning experience, to be sure.

  4. The way I do it on my 2GB Nano is that I have two playlist I sync with it.
    – a “handpicked” one where I stick a few albums at a time depending on my mood (like 5 or 6 so I don’t have to refill everyday).
    – a random one (using smart playlist) that fills up the remainder of the space (set to limit the list to 1 to 1.25GB).

    I do also have the podcasts and photos (last 3 months, thumbnails), etc, but that takes less space, so I’m not using more than 200MB for all that.

    That’s a scenario that works for my daily commute, short trips, etc, and doesn’t force me to plug the thing in everyday. And I’m not worried about being offline for too long, because I have my 37GB music collection with me on my laptop, so when I go for long trips, I just refill just like if I was at home.

    I never even felt the need to steal my wife’s 30GB iPod. 😉
    Hence why 8GB’s fine. Two diffs w/ the next device though: it also does video, and I’ll probably choose to have store full size photos on it. But still, I’m not looking at it as a full time strange solution. Just a transient one.

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