My iPod Is Now Running 1.1.3

Just finished upgrading to a jailbroken copy of 1.1.3 via the official app in It worked like a charm with no hitches whatsoever! Woot! It kept all my songs, videos, settings, etc., but I did have to redownload all of my custom applications. Sadly, Summerboard doesn’t let itself install under 1.1.3, but I may be able to hack around it if I can just get SFTP working…

It is really nice to finally see the Webclip for FinalGear in person though:

iPod Touch Screenshot

UPDATE: I was trying to login as “mobile” (the new user that everything runs under in 1.1.3) rather than “root”. SFTP is working fine now and thanks to a hack I found, Summerboard is installed and running! It doesn’t work perfectly with 1.1.3 though as it can’t skin the wallpaper (still black) or the dock, but hey. 🙂

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