My Audioscrobbler Account: Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I made an account on some site called “Audioscrobbler”. It was a new fangled site that’d keep track of the music you listened to and create trends, history, etc. No one had really ever heard of it and I only did because I knew one of the developers who was also helping out with Audio-Tracker (a “Now Playing” image site).

Five years later, Audioscrobbler has merged with and become the awesomeness that it is today. Oh how the times have changed.

2 thoughts on “My Audioscrobbler Account: Five Years Ago Today

  1. Hey Viper!

    lol, I remember those days! Can’t believe its been 5 years…

    /me hands viper cookies!

    *edit* eh? why am I from Australia??

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