WordPress Coming To Your iPhone As A Native App!

As awesome as WPhone is, it is now officially obsolete thanks to the official iPhone app. It will be available for free from the Apple store and it will of course even be open-source!

I know what I’m installing on my iPod Touch!

10 thoughts on “WordPress Coming To Your iPhone As A Native App!

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  2. I have to disagree that WPhone is obsolete. The Automattic folks neglected to support anything other than writing new posts or editing old posts. No ability to clean comments, disable plugins, or any other useful functions.
    Aside from having issues with WPhone working correctly on my site I consider the plugin to be vastly superior to the WordPress app. They should have just hired you and the other WPhone developers to make the app, it would actually have been useful.

  3. Yeah, WPhone still has it’s place, at least for now.

    I really hope they improve the app though. It’s so much easier dealing with an app than website due to various limitations of the browser.

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