There Is No Such Thing As WordPress 2.6.4

UPDATE: WordPress 2.6.5 has been released. This is still no legitimate version 2.6.4 and there never will be.

As of the time of this post, there is no such thing as WordPress 2.6.4. There also likely never will be as 2.7 will be the next version of WordPress assuming no emergency security fixes are needed before it comes out.

If you “upgraded” to “2.6.4”, then you have installed a fake trojan version (full description is here and here), you should delete your wp-admin and wp-includes folders and replace them with fresh copies downloaded from, the official site. If you have a recent database backup from before you upgraded, I would also advise dumping your database and using that backup just to be safe. You should also of course change all of your WordPress user account passwords.

Please be smart when it comes to WordPress! Because it’s so immensely popular, it has become the target of spoofers and hackers. Always type in the URL to the official site (rather than using a link and not paying attention) if you are trying to download the latest version.

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  5. Looks like the folks at wordpress have decided to skip wordpress 2.6.4 and go straight to 2.6.5 which was just released today due to security and other bug fixes. you can read the full post and get the new version on the site.

    read the blog here:

    it’s sad that it’s come to this for the open source world. That programs such as wordpress become targets for hackers.


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  11. That’s why it’s always a good idea to update from the WordPress site itself, luckily for us the new versions allow for us to auto-update without downloading, uploading and installing the mods on our own. Good looking out, a simple google search returns many sites running the ‘trojan’d’ 2.6.4 version…

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