YouTube Adds High Quality, Stereo Audio Videos; My Plugin Updated

UPDATE: This post no longer applies (or works) as YouTube now has built-in HD support for embeds.

Wired is reporting that YouTube now has a 720p-ish (reports vary on what resolution it truely is, but it’s sure good) video playback support. Even more important, the audio is stereo instead of mono (you can really hear the improved quality).

YouTube’s default video resolution is utter crap (not sure what the resolution is) and the existing higher quality video was 480×360. This new video resolution is 2-3 times as good as the previous “high quality” resolution.

To prove it, here’s some sample videos. The difference is more apparent if you click the fullscreen button, especially if you have a large monitor. Make sure to also have your speakers or headphones on to notice the improved audio quality.

YouTube Default (Low Quality)

YouTube’s Previous High Quality

YouTube’s New HD Quality

I have added support to my Video Quicktags plugin but note that if a video does not have the HD quality version available (99% or more don’t), it will drop back to the lowest quality format. As a result, I don’t recommend making the HD format your default on your blog. Instead, set the quality to 22 like this:

[youtube width="630" height="380" quality="22"][/youtube]

7 thoughts on “YouTube Adds High Quality, Stereo Audio Videos; My Plugin Updated

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  2. Gary LaPointe on January 18th, 2009 at 10:12 PM wrote:

    Weren’t the other HD videos smaller too?

    YouTube didn’t have HD video before, only a higher bitrate/resolution version (480×360). It’d be played back in the same sized player (the standard YouTube size you’ve seen for years), but it looked a lot better than the standard absolutely horrid default that they started out with (super pixelated, etc.).

    This new video resolution is about 720p (whatever x 720 pixels) and has stereo audio. Takes a lot, lot longer to download, but it’s worth it if you have a very fast connection (unlike me).

  3. I dont know, I was checking some HD videos from youtube and comparing? Not sure what to think. The download is longer….im on a quick connection and I still see myself saying…Hurry up already and load….as compared to loading the regular videos. I dont think they can get it close to blue ray which, if you read some peoples comments, they are trying to do. They just need to resize the video (which they have done ) have it load at a descent rate for everyone and leave it alone. Most videos on youtube dont need HD and stereo anyway??

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