Calling All Flowplayer Users

Do you use Flowplayer on your website and have any additional configuration parameters? If so, can you please leave a comment on this post saying in what way you have customized the player (autoplay, etc. etc.).

I’m currently recoding my Video Quicktags plugin to use Flowplayer and I need to know what configuration options I need to allow the user to specify. I’m new to the player, so I don’t want to leave anything out that a lot of users will want to use. (I already have support for the commercial version on my todo list.)


11 thoughts on “Calling All Flowplayer Users

    • It’s open-source and unrestricted (GPL) unlike the JW Player which cannot be used on commercial websites without paying. It’s also quite popular from everything I’ve heard (infact YouTube used it back in the day before they made their own player).

  1. Hi, I got problems with the thumbnails images in my site, the information bar below appears like broken, can you help me with that?


  2. Just stumbled across this post. First, let me say excellent work on your video plug; it’s great.

    I use Flowplayer quite a bit. Infact, I’m currently reworking a site for a client that uses Flowplayer for both their flv Video and mp3 Audio, so I’m glad to hear that you’re working on supporting FP

    Anyway, I guess my one suggestion would be that you allow for the audio only set up in FP.

    Looking forward to the update.

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  4. I would love to be able to enter my commercial key, so the flowplayer logo doesn’t show up.

    Also, being able to change the colours of the player, that would be neat.

    Thanks, if you do this, you’ll go to heaven 🙂

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