“The Expendables”: A Call To Arms

Gentlemen, it’s time we get out a bit more.

By its 2nd week “Rambo” was beaten by 27 Dresses and Hanna Montana. Stallone ripped a man’s throat out with his bare hands! We can’t let this happen again.

August 13th… Get to dah theatah!!!

Make sure to watch it fullscreen and in HD. 😉


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4 thoughts on ““The Expendables”: A Call To Arms

    • Hell yeah. Inception, Red, and The Expendables are the three movies that I’m really looking forward to seeing.

      Helen Mirren kicking ass and taking names while using machine guns is just mind bogglingly awesome. 😆

  1. hey viper,

    been a close follower on finalgear for a couple of years now and finally made it to your blog 🙂
    very intersting and well, that movie will be soooo nice! I don’t usually give a lot about the actors involved… but this one’s different! Soooo many excellent action actors! never thought they will be in one movie….

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