What Online Backup Service Do You Recommend?

About a month ago, I asked on Twitter for suggestions for online backup services as I’m tired of manually backing up and I never do it often enough. I was suggested Mozy, but I was also suggested a lot of alternatives. However I was leaving on a business trip basically the next day, so I never got around to reading the Tweets and they eventually slipped off my @mentions list.

So now I’m asking how I should have done it in the first place — on my blog. What online service do you use to backup your data? And before anyone suggests it, Dropbox is out of the running as it’s too expensive for actual backup (it’s great for sync though!).


11 thoughts on “What Online Backup Service Do You Recommend?

  1. I personally use SugarSync, which is amazing (tried Dropbox and Syncplicity but didn’t like either). It’s name implies it’s more of a sync service but I use it for backup as well. A great feature set and amazing cross-platform support and I love that it’s always constantly uploading up in the background. Main downside is that it’s expensive; I get 60GB for $100/year, which is not a lot of space.

    For more of the bulk backup services, they all seem very similar. Mozy, Carbonite, and CrashPlan seem like the big ones and they all seem to have unlimited plans. The one big issue I’ve noticed with them (same issue with SugarSync) are the speeds. I’ve rarely seen upload or download speeds of more than 100KB/s, so bulk backing up and restoring are both painful. I heard that one of these services (can’t remember which one) had a DVD restore option, where they snailmail you DVD copies of your backups (Amazon has a similar service with their S3 storage except you can send Amazon the DVDs for storage).

    Most of them have free ~2GB plans. I’d say play around with them for a week or two and see which one you like.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty expensive and not nearly enough space.

      Carbonite I think was one I was recommended but couldn’t remember the name of.

      Speed isn’t too big of a deal. I can only upload at 1mbit or so anyway and even then, it’s not like I’d be using this for sync (that’s what Dropbox’s LAN feature is for).


    • Woah, finally some free software that does automatic computer to computer backups. I may just have to back up to one my servers which has a big RAID instead of paying for cloud backups.


  2. I use SafeCopy online backup.It is so compatible with both my Mac and Windows computer and on the other hand it is cost effective.

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