Whoever Said Chrome Used Less Memory Than Firefox Was Lying

Chrome Memory

Okay, so it has been open for a week or two but come on. You really need 44MB of RAM to display a single tab that has only ever displayed a single webpage?

Not that it really matters since my desktop has 16 gigabytes of RAM (10.5 of which is in use), but still…

6 thoughts on “Whoever Said Chrome Used Less Memory Than Firefox Was Lying

    • Nah, mostly gaming, etc.

      4GB isn’t enough — some games easily use 1.5-2GB.

      8GB was good but leaving Firefox or Chrome open for long periods would suck up 1-2GB of RAM each, plus with uTorrent using another GB (for caching), games using another 2GB, etc. I could easily get up towards my max.

      RAM is cheap. It only cost me about $100 for my 16GB of RAM and most of the time I’m only using about 50% of it.

  1. WTH you were doing with opening so many windows? everything depends on your hardware & way you use it. crome is faster den firefox & to a extend uses lesser memory coz its not intrigated with unnecessary addons & its by google the search engine gaints

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