Help Me Name My Latest Plugin

I’m having trouble coming up with a good name for my latest WordPress plugin so I thought I’d crowd source it. 🙂

My other WordPress-powered site,, receives very large traffic spikes. I used to just run WP Super Cache to prevent the site from going down but Apache would still actually die under the load even though it was just serving static content. Since the site has no comments or other often changing content, the easiest solution at the time was just to throw a reverse proxy called Varnish in front it with a decent cache time (5-10 minutes per page). I’ve since switched from Apache to nginx which solves that issue but it’s still easiest to just leave Varnish there.

Varnish is set up to ignore cookies on the front end of the site. That means I get served the exact same version of the site that you (a guest) sees — no admin bar, no post edit links, and so forth. Getting to the admin area is easy thanks to an absolutely positioned hidden link in the bottom left of the site (hover over it, you’ll find it) so lack of an admin bar is no problem for me.

What is a problem though is the lack of easy way to edit a post. I currently have to go into the admin area and then browse to the post in order to edit it. So I wrote a plugin that outputs the edit post link even for people who aren’t logged in. However the link is hidden using CSS and then re-shown using Javascript only if you have a logged in cookie.

It works perfect but what to call it? My working title was “Javascript Edit Links” but that seems so bland and locks me a bit into a corner. What if I someday want to add other features to the plugin, such as even showing the full admin bar? Do you have any better ideas?

12 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Latest Plugin

  1. Sandpaper is good.

    If you want something that makes more sense to people who aren’t as tech-insider (but maybe a bit WP insider):
    * Hidden Admin
    * Proxy Roundabout
    * 007 Secret Admin

  2. maybe “dynamic links”, JS is a technic, not fine for a name. The technic is dynamic and maybe later you have more different functions on this plugin and with this small title do you have more points and can develop

  3. I’m sorry. I think I just wandered into a parallel universe. While I tweeted about the brilliance of your regen thumbnails plug-in, and have your blog page on my favourites, I didn’t understand a word of the above. I want to be a geek but I’m just not getting there. Must try harder.

  4. There is another plugin out there with a simular functionality called front end editor, I am sure that methods of doing things are a bit different but the functionality is nearly the same.

    It seems that you have some good suggestions above, so choose a good name. – I like the sandpaper one, but I would not think of this functionality as associating with SandPaper if I were just starting with WordPress and was an end user (as apposed to a developer)…

    As an end user it is hard to tell which plugins on WP-Extend have simular functionalities. I wish there was some sort of way to classify the plugins so that they could easily be compared by users.

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