4 thoughts on “Archetype

  1. The interrogation scene remember the iRobot scene. It also remember the Matrix when he’s gone out of the simulation, talking to the android like it’s some sort of human. Even so, the history sounds really interesting, hope this guy gets some real budget to do the long movie, like the guy from District 9 did.

  2. Brilliant! It would also make a great game — can you say franchise 😉

    Aaron Sims is awesome! I wonder how it can be called “zero-budget” though as Mr Sims has a lot of pedigree and resources at his disposal.

  3. Amazing take on the Robocop story but in the future instead of the 80s. I wish this was a trailer for a movie both because it would be an awesome movie and because this is what trailers should be like, a sample rather than a spoiler collection.

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