jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries Plugin Discontinued

With the release of Jetpack 1.5, Jetpack now supports the awesome carousel feature that you may have seen running on WordPress.com. It’s superior to my jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries plugin in my opinion so I am opting to discontinue development on my plugin.

My plugin should continue to work for the indefinite future but I will no longer be maintaining it.

6 thoughts on “jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries Plugin Discontinued

  1. Totally understand, but at the same time kind of sad, as I have recommended it far and wide. Maybe it will be one of those plugins that just keep on going, going, going…

  2. I am using your Plugin but unfortunately, with latest wordpress version 3.4.2 – it’s not working anymore 🙁 Images are not opening in lightbox…. Any solution for this please ? I had used this too much…

    • Jetpack has lots of great other features you might find useful, but if not you can simply disable any modules you don’t want to use. I only use about a third of them on my site for example.

  3. uma grande pena. O melhor plugin para galerias nativas.
    Faill just now 2013/nov – WP3.7.1
    – is failing to “capture” the photo caption. just that. In the remainder, is functioning normally. 1 detail so small 🙂
    – não consegue mais captar a legenda da imagem. Só isto. De resto funcionando bem como sempre.

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